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Welcome to Lövepac Converting

Lövepac Converting, a Nolato brand, is a global solutions provider of small-size mechanical and cosmetical offerings for the mobile phone and consumer electronics industries. Based on 45 years of experience, we are one of few leading players who has full peripheral technologies and extensive resources to generate innovative applications for our clients.

We serve a premier customer base with world leading consumer electronics brands.



Dan Wong
Managing Director
Lövepac Converting

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+86 186 1249 1024

Outstanding cosmetic applications


Outstanding branding and cosmetic applications for consumer electronics, with innovative material treatment and surface finishing technologies.

World class die-cuts


World class Rotary/Flatbed/Laser die-cuts based on experience that stretches back to Ericsson’s first phone models in the 1990s.

Laser-activated bonding

Laser Acitivation

Laser activated ion bonding, a novel bonding solution for ultra-narrow borders that offers comprehensive performance including excellent adhesion and effective waterproofing. It is highly processable and has high yield of rework.

Zirconia offerings with premium properties

CIM Zirconia

Ceramics-Injection-Molding Zirconia offerings for small size applications with premium mechanical, cosmetic and functional properties, providing new scope for consumer electronics (particularly wearable devices) and other industries.

Thermal material tailormaking

Thermal management

Thermal material verification/ development and thermal application simulation/tailormaking, supported by our world leading Lovepac thermal management laboratory and materials database.

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