AGM 2019

Proposed agenda AGM 2019

Proposed agenda 
1. Opening of meeting and election of chairman for the meeting. 
2. Establishment and approval of register of voters. 
3. Approval of agenda. 
4. Election of one or two people to verify the minutes. 
5. Determination of whether meeting has been duly convened. 
6. Presentation of the annual accounts, auditor’s report, consolidated accounts, auditor’s report of consolidated accounts, auditor’s statement and Board’s proposed dividend. 
7. Address by the President and CEO and any shareholder questions for the Board of Directors and management. 
8. Resolutions on: 
a) adoption of income statement and balance sheet and the consolidated income statement and balance sheet, 
b) appropriation of profits in accordance with the adopted balance sheet, 
c) discharging the members of the Board and the President and CEO from liability. 
9. Decision regarding number of Board members, deputy Board members, auditors and deputy auditors. 
10. Approval of fees payable to the Board of Directors and the auditors. 
11. Election of Board members, deputy Board members, Chairman of the Board, auditors and deputy auditors. 
12. Resolution on guidelines for remuneration and other terms of employment for senior executives. 
13. Resolution on the Nomination Committee ahead of the next Annual General Meeting.
14. Resolution on the establishment of incentive program for top management in the group via 
a) issue of warrants with deviation from shareholders’ preferential rights and 
b) approval of the transfer of such warrants to top management in the Company and other group companies.
15. Proposal for authorization of the board to resolve on new issues of shares.
16. Any other business. 
17. Conclusion of the meeting. 

AGM 2019

Notice of AGM 2019

Notification and proxy form

Shareholders' rights to have matters addressed

Nomination Committee ahead of the AGM 2019