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Sales Conference 2022

Welcome to join our Sales Conference September 13-14 in Sweden

meeting - information

Sales Conference

We are delighted to welcome you to this years Sales Conference in Sweden. 

During these two days we will meet, exchange ideas, discuss solutions and plan for our common path forward within Sales and Marketing.

Meeting dates: 

September 13-14


Meeting venue:


Payed by each participant

  • Hotel incl. breakfast. 165 EUR/person/night (payed upon check-out from the hotel). Eija Lindberg will book the rooms according to your registration.
  • Travel costs
  • Other costs, such as minibar etc (payed upon check-out from the hotel)

Payed by Nolato AB

  • Meeting costs
  • Meals and drinks in connection with the meeting


How to go FROM Copenhagan airport to CLARION HoTEL & CONGRESS SEA U, HELSINGBORG

Registration deadline: July 11


hotel and parking - information

Meeting venue

Clarion hotel Sea U

Clarion Hotel & Congress Sea U

Kungsgatan 1
252 21 Helsingborg
Tel: +46 42 40 52 600,



There is an Aimo Park garage located right underneath the hotel that can be accessed from Helsingörskajen.

Monday - Thursday:
Hourly rate: 30 SEK
24 hours: 300 SEK

Friday - Sunday
Hourly rate: 24 SEK
24 hours: 280 SEK

Electric vehicles (type 2 charger, European standard)
24 hours: 350 SEK
Hourly rate: 30 SEK

You can pay for parking via the MobilPark app, by text message or by using a machine in the garage



Clarion Hotel - Copenhagen Airport 
Comfort Hotel - Copenhagen Airport 


Monday, September 12

Dedicated for travel.

For those arriving today there will be a common dinner arrangement in the evening. Let Eija Lindberg know if you would like to participate to this. We will meet in the reception at 18:30.


Tuesday, September 13

08:00 Start conference

10:30 Coffee break

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Coffee break

17:45 Meet in the reception for a common walk to the dinner venue


Wednesday, September 14

07:00-08:00  Breakfast and check-out from the hotel

08:00 Gathering in the lobby for common departure to the Nolato Torekov site.

09:00-11:00 Visit Nolato Polymer and Nolato MediTor

11:00-11:45 Lunch

11:45 Departure for Nolato Hörby site

13:15-16:00 Visit Nolato MediTech

16:05  Summing up - End of conference

Let Eija Lindberg know if you need help coordinating your transport back from Hörby.

Registration form

Congratulations - 

 you will soon be registered to the conference.  Just fill in the requested details below.


To register to the meeting kindly fill in the form to the left and press the "Send registration" button.

If you have any questions regarding this conference kindly contact Eija Lindberg.

Looking forward meeting you in Helsingborg!


Glenn Svedberg

Glenn Svedberg

Director of Sustainable Affairs

Eija Lindberg Nolato AB

Eija LIndberg Pääkkö