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Jonas Carlsson sales Nolato Silikonteknik

Jonas Carlsson

Director of Global Sales - Automotive

[email protected]

+46 708 12 99 95

The world leading EMC form-in-place gasket - Trishield 2.0

Trishield is Nolato Silikonteknik's Form-In-Place dispensing technology. It is a popular choice in the telecommunication and automotive industry for its unique properties, which benefit both the manufacturers and end users. Offering greater flexibility than traditional Form-In-Place gaskets.

The benefits of Trishield include lower compression force, shorter production time and lower cost. The concept is being continuously developed to stay one step ahead of the increasing needs within this fast-paced application area.

Several benefits

Our newest offering is Trishield 2.0. It is even more narrow than the original, opening valuable real estate to the printed circuit board (PCB) area by minimizing the wall thickness and allowing 90 degree corners. The result is increased freedom of board design. The most attractive advantage of Trishield 2.0 is that it saves up to half of the material usage compared with the traditional gasket, offering you an even lower total cost of ownership.

  • 50% less material consumption
  • 75% lower compression force
  • 40% less fasteners / screws needed
  • 5% increased PCB area
  • 100% more tolerance absorption
  • 90 degree corners allowed
  • Market leading shielding of 110dB

Save money and be more competitive

The use of less materials to create a thinner, smarter, and more flexible EMC cover as well as lower overall costs make this Form-In-Place technology a superior shielding choice. In short, it enables you to get an edge on your competition.

Market leading test-lab

Nolato has an extensive test-lab in Sweden, specifically designed to meet harsh automotive environments. This includes vibration tests, high-temperature cycle ageing tests etc. Hence, you can feel comfortable that the form-in-place gasket will keep its high performance throughout the application’s lifetime.

  • Nolato Silikonteknik