Focus on: Zirconia

A Bluetooth-connected ring from the London-based Vinaya design studio with molded zirconia by Nolato.

Ceramics injection molding

Nolato’s investment encompasses the development of Zirconia ceramic compound for injection moulding, post-processing automation equipment and product line customization suitable for large-scale production.

We execute full prototyping process flow. Allowing us to work with customers in the early project phase, anticipate technical and process parameters for the upcoming mass production, quantify and eliminate quality risks.

Nolato cooperates with world leading Zirconia raw material suppliers as well as two world-class ceramic research institutes in Europe and Asia. Nolato actively contributes our application experience, design philosophy and quality standards aiming at maximizing the industrialization applicability of industrial ceramic materials with regards to optimize their unique physical and cosmetic properties.



Zirconia is an amazing material that is extremely durable and very hard to scratch. It's chemical-resistant, non-conductive and has a natural beauty with an exceptionally smooth surface and high thermal stability.

It can be produced down to a thickness of only 0.1 mm.

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