Focus on: Decoration

Decoration technologies

Nolato offers a smorgasbord of technologies to achieve the appearance you are looking for.

By combining different technologies you will reach almost endless decoration possibilities. All processes are executed in-house, which gives you tight project control, optimal quality and short lead-times.



Nolato houses fully automated paint lines with up to four separate paint layers, each in ISO 14644-1 class 7 clean room environments. We offer PU and UV painting, soft-touch painting, high-gloss as well as matte surface painting of all kinds of plastic materials, glass-fibre and metal parts.


Nolato Clear Tech™

Nolato’s self-developed coating technology offers a superior wear resistant hard coat with excellent optical performance and an absolutely minimum of paint build-up.



By using a combination of printing methods you can create patterns, visual effects and even photos and images to enhance the uniqueness and usability of your products. We offer pad printing, screen printing, heat transfer printing and digital printing.



In Mould Decoration is usually known as the “all in one” decoration method which can meet designers high level demands for beauty. There is no need for separate printing or painting – the complete decoration happens in the tool, which brings cost advantages. Nolato offers both In Mould Decoration and In Mould Labeling/Foil.


Metallization (NCVM)

gives an atom-layer thick metal surface that is indeed metal, but so thin the layer isn’t conductive. This gives new cosmetic and functional opportunities.


Laser marking

can provide an indelible, high contrast mark under the surface that guarantees it will never wear off.


Nolato LogoTech™

We offer a variety of new and attention-grabbing logotype solutions. With different technology and process combinations we create highly decorative, environmental-friendly and cost-effective logotype solutions for all your branding needs.


Cosmetic Metal

Nolato offers a wide range of cosmetic metal (Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium) with stamping process and surface treatments in-house. We can give the metal different textures such as hairline, satin or high gloss.

Advanced experience

Nolato has 20 years experience of developing, refining and using advanced decoration technologies for manufacturing products with substantial cosmetic content, like mobile phones and other consumer electronics.

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