Focus on: Extrusion

Extrusion of medical grade tubing

Nolato offers clean-room extrusion of high quality tubing in a wide variety of soft and rigid medical grade materials.

Our capabilities include thin wall-extrusion, multi-lumen and co-extrusion.

Nolato has developed a range of post-processing options including cut-to-length, reeled tubing, tip-forming, hole-punching, bonding and assemblies of complete devices, manual as well as automated.

Nolato also develops test tools in-house; significantly reducing project lead time and helping to reduce time to market for product developments. Short lead times for tubing and a dedicated project team assisting the customer in the design process are key parts of our projects.

Our in-depth understanding of the manufacturing process and polymer materials results in robust, stable and efficient validated manufacturing processes yielding high quality products.

Basic facts:

  • Thin wall
  • Single lumen
  • Multi lumen
  • Robust and validated processes
  • Complex profiles
  • Co-extrusion (Multi-material extrusion)
  • Post-processing:
  • Tip-forming
  • Hole-punching
  • Bonding
  • Assembly (automated or manual)
  • Production in clean-room class 8 and 9

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