Focus on: Silicone

Injection molding of silicone

Nolato is world leading in silicone injection molding. Our production cells are fully automated with robot systems that deal with everything from simple component removal to complex set-up for high quality, cost efficient production.

Silicone rubber can withstand UV rays, harsh chemicals and temperatures ranging from -110 to +300°C. Silicone has shape-memory properties (low compression set) and can be moulded in complex geometries and even with negative tool drafts. It has high transparency and is pigmentable in most colours.

Silicone rubber has a perfect balance of mechanical and chemical properties, which makes it very suitable for use in medical applications. The material has excellent biological compatibility with human tissue and body fluids, which has been proven and documented worldwide. Hence, silicone is ideal for short- and long-term implants. Products in silicone rubber can be sterilised using ethylenoxide, radiation (even after packaging) and autoclave.

Silicone components are extensively used in applications across a variety of industries, including medical, automotive, infant care, general industrial markets, aerospace, electronics and many other specialized industries.

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Basic facts:

  • Pioneers in liquid (LIM) as well as solid silicone molding (+40 years)
  • Micro molding: <0,001 g
  • Thin wall molding; 0,10 mm
  • Insert molding, vertical and horisontal
  • Additives:
    TiO2 (white color, laser marking, friction)
    BaSO4 (visible with x-ray)
  • Ready mixed:
    Silver – anti-bacterial
    “Glow-in-the dark”
  • Production in clean-room class 7, 8 and 9

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