Focus on: Laser activated bonding

Efficient laser activated bonding

Laser activated bonding is a Nolato developed bonding technique for the assembly of components such as display screen panels. The bonding can easy be deactivated.

The laser bonding technique, which is based on a laser-activated adhesive, is very quick to apply in manufacturing and provides a strong, waterproof bond between materials.

The adhesive tape is activated immediately during assembly by being irradiated with a laser beam. No curing time is required, making the process quick and efficient.

A major advantage of the new technique is that, while it provides a strong bond, it’s easy to rework the materials if an error occurs in manufacturing.

The material can be deactivated through re-exposure to a laser beam, allowing easy reassembly or replacement of a component. This eliminates time-consuming and labour-intensive removal of residual adhesive when a product needs to be reworked.

Nolato has developed a complete system for the new bonding technique, including laser equipment, adhesive and technical solutions.

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