Focus on: Micro molding

Precision molding of extremely small parts

Micro molding is a concept used in making either extremely small part or parts from temperature sensitive materials.

For more than 20 years Nolato has been a pioneer helping customers to develop and manufacture extremely small parts for critical medical applications. A typical part is one thousandth of a gram (0,001 g) in weight and less than a millimeter in size.

In addition to a wide range of plastic engineering resins, we are experienced in micro molding high-performance materials e.g. PEEK, PSU, LCP and soft materials e.g Silicone, TPE

Since the parts are extremely small, the handling of the parts after the injection molding process is critical and extremely difficult. Nolato has the experience and the required knowledge to handle these small parts. We design adapted handling systems with the objective of creating efficient logistical solutions to optimize the whole supply chain, including assemble processes,  for the customer.

Basic facts:

  • Soft materials such as Silicone and TPE etc
  • High performance materials such as PEEK, LCP, PSU, PPS etc
  • Extremely small parts (less than 0,001 g) with high precision
  • Class 8 and 9 clean room manufacturing
  • Robust and validated processes
  • Efficient solutions on how to handle the micro parts at Nolato as well as at Customer
  • Advanced metrology capabilities

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