Focus on: Tooling

Tool manufacturing

In addition to costout, our tools give our customers better accuracy, higher repeatability and longer production life

A combination of skillful workers, stringent work processes and a high degree of automation gives us high accuracy, repeatability and high output.

The higher and more consistent output quality means our customers avoid all the time-consuming fine-tuning and customization normally needed before the mold obtains final approval.

The end-result is high-quality molds that reduce the number of tools needed for stable molding performance without change or repair – another considerable cost and time saver.

Basic facts:

  • Over 300 moulds per year
  • Mold sizes up to 600x600 mm
  • Complex moulds up to 8 cavities
  • Simple molds up to 32 cavities
  • Multi-shot molds (2k and 3K)
  • Insert molds

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