5G Radio Street Macro

5G Street Macro for easy deployment

The challenges that operators have in metropolitan areas are to grow their capacity beyond what is possible on their rooftop macro sites. For this, our customer has introduced the Street Macro layer in the network model. It is a layer that sits between the macro- and the micro layer. Radio products for this layer are typically located below the roof top levels in city environments. Radio products for this Street Macro layer combine the high output power levels of macro radios with the ease-of-site-build that micro products have.
Customers challenge:

Since these products are placed in busy urban areas a smooth and fast installation is needed. Earlier it took long time to connect all the different cables like power and optical cables. This interface also needs to shield out high radio frequencies.


Nolato Solution:

Nolato developed a cable gland for both IP&EMC protection, -in the same gasket. This allowed our customer to save important space on their product, but the most important thing was that this solution saved lots of time for customers technicians on site while installing this 5G radio.


5G street macro for easy deployment


Ultra wideband transceiver

The demand for next generation connectivity continues to grow. Ultra wideband transceiver is a microwave solution offering fiber-like capacity and ultra-low latency on radio links, bringing in 5G connectivity to places where fiber is not an option.


This solution provides the market’s highest transmit power, the smallest size and power consumption to enable operators to extend their E-Band links, simple to install, deploy and maintain.


Customers challenge:

Due to frequency coverage is extremely high, the requirement of heat dissipation on key chipset is critical for the equipment.


Nolato Solution:

Nolato developed a solution with filler dispensed on a metal can for easy assembly directly on the heatsink as a complete solution, which provides secured function of the solution meanwhile simplified the process at customer end.


EMI shielding FIP gasket and mimo antennas


5g radio access – Massive MIMO antennas and stations

5G operate on higher frequencies. This boost bandwidth to increase coverage, thousands of cells will need to be installed, and advanced antennas with signal processing technology will be required to manage the increase in connection and signal density.

5G standards aim to boost speeds by offering more frequency support.


Customers challenge:

Current transceivers have to take turns if they want to transmit and receive data on the same frequency, or the data has to be moved to another frequency to avoid hold ups, and this causes congestion.


The solution? MIMO. MIMO is a form of antenna that increases efficiency by doubling the number of transmitters and receivers. Massive MIMO systems have successfully tested up to 128 antennas. This significant boost doesn’t come without its challenges. Many signals crossing each other, which would cause serious interference.


Nolato Solution:

Our gaskets are tested and approved for shielding frequencies up to 50 GHz. Nolato shielding solutions enable Massive MIMO function without radio frequency interference. Our customers use all our technics (extruded, molded and dispensed gasket) in their application with proven success.


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