Bluetooth-enabled jewellery made from ceramic from Nolato

Zirconia, or zirconium dioxide, is a tough material that is fully biocompatible, which means wearers of items made from zirconium dioxide won’t suffer any allergic reaction.

Use of zirconia has previously been restricted by an extremely complicated production process. But, together with materials suppliers and researchers at Chinese universities, Nolato has developed material mixtures that make production easier and allow the material to be used in high-volume manufacturing.

We have previously showcased the Miragii smart pendant (Nolato Magazine no 26). The material has now started to be used in other eye-catching products. For example, London-based technology design studio Vinaya has developed a collection of Bluetooth-connected rings and pendants made from zirconia.

Another London-based firm, digital health company Cloudtag, is using zirconia from Nolato in its new family of wearable sensors.

These discrete, light sensors continually measure a range of health indicators in users and then transfer them wirelessly to a smartphone. The material’s properties mean the sensors can be worn on the body around the clock without causing any problems.

vinaya necklace in ceramics from Nolato

Vinaya’s necklace is made of zirconia from Nolato. It sends the wearer subtle vibrations when a particular call or message is received, allowing their phone to remain out of sight.

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