15 metres long, 4 metres high, with a clamping force of 3,200 tonnes

For the production of items such as large components for the automotive industry, Nolato Gota has invested in an advanced injection moulding machine with 3,200 tonnes of clamping force.

The machine can produce two-component plastic items weighing up to 11–12 kg for the first stage and over 5 kg for the second stage. The machine itself is 15 metres long, 4 metres high and weighs 190 tonnes.


Making us more competitive

The machine’s large dimensions can be seen in the image above, with the assembler standing inside the machine where the two halves of the mould normally hang. That’s right – hang. The circles indicate the position of magnets that hold the up to 40 tonne mould, which doesn’t need to be screwed in place. This simplifies the process and cuts the time taken to change moulds.

“This machine is a great example of how Nolato is developing,” says Öivind Nilsrud, Technical Project Manager at Nolato Gota. “We’re the only business with a two-component injection moulding machine of this size in the region, which makes us more competitive in the market for large, complex products.”


Four-component moulding

“We also have smaller machines that can handle up to four-component injection moulding,” says Öivind Nilsrud. “We use those for manufacturing items like high-gloss, exterior decor panels for cars.

“First, we injection-mould a supporting frame (PC/ABS), then in stage 2 we use the same mould to over-inject the frame using a plastic material with a deep black piano gloss (PMMA), and we then apply a bead of polyurethane to part of the surface to create a seal. This all happens as a single process, which makes for highly efficient production.”

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