The bond is activated by a laser beam. Re-exposure to the laser allows the unit to be reworked if there is a manufacturing error.

Efficient laser bonding saves time and resources

Lövepac Converting has developed a new bonding technique for the assembly of components such as display screen panels. The new technique, which is based on a laser-activated adhesive, is very quick to apply in manufacturing and provides a strong waterproof bond between materials.

“Our new bonding technique has sparked significant interest among manufacturers, particularly of fitness trackers and smartwatches, as well as different types of handheld consumer products,” says Dan Wong, Managing Director of Lövepac Converting.

The adhesive tape is activated immediately during assembly by being irradiated with a laser beam. No curing time is required, making the process quick and efficient.

A major advantage of the new technique is that, while it provides a strong bond, it’s easy to rework the materials if an error occurs in manufacturing. The material can be deactivated through re-exposure to a laser beam, allowing easy reassembly or replacement of a component. This eliminates time-consuming and labour-intensive removal of residual adhesive when a product needs to be reworked.

Lövepac Converting has developed a complete system for the new bonding technique, including laser equipment, adhesive and technical solutions.

Laser bonding

Nolato’s uniquely developed laser activated bonding system, includes adhesive and process equipment, especially for consumer electronics products, such as smart phones, tablet PCs, handheld game consoles, smart wearables, walkie-talkies, etc.


Advantages of Laser-Activated Bonding Solution

  • Superior bonding strength
  • Outstanding waterproof performance
  • Strong resistance to impact
  • High rework yield
  • Ultra-slim bezel

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