Nolato main supplier of plastic product systems to innovative task chair

Capella is a newly developed task chair from Kinnarps. It’s lighter, comfortable and ergonomic, with well-balanced micro-movements incorporated into the seat for active sitting. And most of its plastic components are supplied by Nolato.
The Capella task chair is based on a new approach, offering a mechanism with a seat and back that follow the user’s movements entirely independently of one another. Small well-balanced micro-movements in the seat also create minor changes without the chair feeling unstable.
“Sitting doesn’t mean sitting still, which is why the chair encourages your body to move to provide for optimum wellbeing, even though you’re sitting down,” says Magnus Berggren, a designer at Kinnarps.
Working with researchers
“We worked with researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. That also provided us with a logical approach for all the chair’s functions, which is important in allowing the sitter to really use the chair in the right way,” notes Magnus Berggren.
“One example of this is the grey components on the setting controls, made of soft plastic, which indicate that you need to turn them to change the settings.”
As well as being ergonomic and attractive, the chair is lighter than other, similar chairs. That’s positive not only for today’s activity-based work environments, where the chair is used by lots of people, but it also makes for a better work environment for Kinnarps’ assembly staff. This has been achieved by replacing weightier materials with lighter polymers offering the same function and, for example, by using magnesium instead of heavier metals.


Nolato main supplier

The main supplier of the plastic components for the Capella is Nolato Polymer in Ängelholm, Sweden, where Per Berlin and Thomas Lindberg are managing this project that includes around 40 different plastic components.

“We work very closely and constructively with Kinnarps,” says Per Berlin. “We were involved early on in the process so we’ve been able to contribute our experience in materials and engineering to create an optimal production solution.

“Working with a large number of interlinked components allowed us to get an overview, giving us better opportunities to support our customer. This benefited both parties and ultimately led to a better product.”

Nolato injection-moulds the components at its Ängelholm plant in both soft and hard polymer materials. The work involves lots of overmoulding, as well as the assembly of complete functions for the chair, such as the armrests, which are supplied ready for assembly at Kinnarps.

“We’re now looking at how we can help Kinnarps by also supplying a complete function for the chair’s height adjustment,” comments Thomas Lindberg, Senior Production Engineering Manager at Nolato in Ängelholm. “That will make things even easier for the customer.”


Win-win situation

Tomas Bäckman is Kinnarps’ purchaser for the project and was involved in bringing the Capella chair to market. He is very pleased with Nolato as a supplier.

“It’s an advantage that we can concentrate on what we’re best at, so we welcome Nolato’s efforts to supply us with more complete functions. It’s a win-win situation.”

“Our cooperation with Nolato has grown steadily in recent years. They provide us with good technical and project support,” says Tomas Bäckman. “We feel they offer quality in all aspects of their operations and provide our designers with excellent feedback over the course of a project. That makes our work easier and helps us successfully take the product from the drawing board to producing a finished task chair.”


Award-winning chair

In addition to its ergonomics, Capella’s attractive styling has also drawn plaudits. It won the Good Design Award at Chicago Athenæum Museum of Architecture and Design’s annual prize-giving for the world’s most innovative and ground-breaking products, giving another meaning to the phrase ‘sitting pretty’.


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