Focus on: Measurable targets

Sustainability development key targets

Nolato undertakes extensive work relating to responsibility for the environment, people and society. Moreover, we believe that sustainability measures create business benefits. The work is undertaken systematically according to goals and results are reported in detail in the Group’s annual sustainability report.

Environmental responsibility

A fundamental theme in our sustainability work is reducing the Group’s environmental footprint and meeting environmental legislation in those countries in which the Group operates. In addition, there were many activities focused on generating business benefits from environmental improvements. Better management of resources through more efficient use of energy, water and raw materials illustrates the link between environmental and business benefits. Environmentally sustainable product development is another priority, and Nolato’s expertise and technology can aid customers’ environmental efforts. Nolato has a number of long-term targets relating to the environment.



The object is more efficient energy use and for 2014–2016 Nolato targeted a 10% reduction compared with the average for 2011–2012. The Group-wide KPI is GWh/net sales and many production units use locally adapted targets. This target is linked to UN Global Goal 7 Affordable and clean energy.


Carbon dioxide emissions

The target is a 10% reduction in the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) during 2014–2016 compared with the average for 2011–2012. The target relates to carbon dioxide emissions from energy consumption. The Group-wide KPI is tonnes of CO2/net sales and there are also different types of local targets. The target is linked to UN Global Goal 13 Climate action.



The amount of waste should decrease in relation to net sales. The Group’s units use their own targets regarding scrap and waste management. These targets are part of ISO 14001 or initiatives such as 5s and lean manufacturing. The target is linked to UN Global Goal 9 Sustainable industry, innovation and infrastructure, and Goal 12 Responsible consumption and production.


Environmental management systems

The objective is for all units to be certified in accordance with the international ISO 14001 environmental management system. Acquired companies should be certified within two years. The target is linked to UN Global Goal 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure.



Social responsibility

Nolato’s Code of Conduct applies in the same way all over the world. The company aims to be a good neighbour to communities and a good corporate citizen. The Group has its own long-term objectives relating to social responsibility and The Nolato Spirit booklet provides clear guidelines in this area. We believe these aims help attract, develop and retain committed and skilled staff. Nolato provides professional development for managers and training for employees, and addresses health and safety issues. The Group continues to engage with communities wherever it is based around the world.


A safe work environment

The number of workplace accidents should be minimised with the long-term targeting of zero occurrences. All units must have a functioning system for registering and addressing events that could have caused an accident (near misses). There is also a requirement for operations to gradually gain OHSAS 18001 health and safety certification. The target is linked to UN Global Goal 8 Decent work and economic growth.


Human rights and gender equality

There should be no cases of infringements of human rights, discrimination or forced labour. Active information shall continue to be provided to employees and new staff. The target is linked to UN Global Goal 5 ‘Gender equality’ and Goal 8 Decent work and economic growth.


Anti-corruption measures

There should be no cases of bribery, corruption or cartel formation. Continued active information for employees. This target can be linked to UN Global Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions.



Customer requirements regarding the environment and social responsibility shall be met by a comfortable margin.



Improved evaluation of suppliers’ sustainability work. This target can be linked to UN Global Goal 12 Sustainable consumption and production.

Our sustainability report

In our sustainabillity report you can study the outcome of our targets. Click on the image above to read it on-screen or to download it as pdf.

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