Focus on: Sustainability

Sustainability work for long-term growth

Responsible business, transparency and good business ethics are key for Nolato. We also constantly endeavour to develop environmentally sustainable products and services. Corporate citizenship is one of Nolato’s Basic Principles and is an important aspect of the Group’s long-term strategy to create growth and value for its stakeholders.
Our view of corporate citizenship

Nolato has a long tradition of corporate citizenship and a carefully designed sustainable development strategy. The strategy covers activities within three areas: social responsibility, business ethics and the environment. We are seeing positive results in all these areas, but there is scope for improvement in the environmental area, chiefly with regard to the environmental attributes of our products. Contributing towards sustainable solutions will make us the partner of choice for customers within sustainable development. This is what we mean by corporate citizenship:

  • Proactive approach – We will be the experts regarding the impact of our business on people, the environment and society. We reduce risk and cost through preventive measures, risk analysis and investments in modern technology. 
  • Business opportunities – Through resource-efficient production and greater use of environmentally sustainable raw materials, we generate both business opportunities and environmental benefits. 
  • Credibility and transparency – Nolato complies with international conventions and principles for sustainable development, including via being a signatory to the Global Compact. The long-term targets set out the road map for our sustainability work and we openly report on both our progress and setbacks encountered, according to international standards for sustainability reporting (Global Reporting Initiative, GRI).


Active measures for sustainable development 

Nolato is a key operator within the polymer industry and it is time for us to make a clearer contribution to sustainable development. We will therefore be increasing our environmental activities and focus on customer interaction. Nolato will actively present sustainable solutions relating to choice of raw materials, product design, production technologies and transportation. Greater use of bio-based and recycled polymers will provide good opportunities for reducing our carbon footprint from a life cycle perspective. Product design for sustainable development can, for example, help make the products easier to recycle. We are also prepared to decline assignments that are incompatible with our environmental ambitions. 


The principles of our sustainability work  

Nolato’s Basic Principles and Code of Conduct provide guidance on issues regarding the environment, social responsibility and business ethics. Based on a materiality analysis, long-term targets and key performance indicators are set and Group companies refer to these in their own detailed goals. Certified management systems concerning the environment (ISO 14001), energy (ISO 50001) and health and safety (ISO 45001), and concepts such as lean manufacturing, Medical Excellence and 5S help us create a systematic approach and credibility in our sustainability work. Sustainable development is part of strategic planning and Group management monitors how this work is progressing.