New EMC Production Center in Hungary

The new EMC Production Center in Györ, Hungary, delivers

In June 2018, Nolato opened a new plant in Györ, Hungary. This new opening is part of our strategic commitment to the automotive industry, and our first delivery has now left the facility.

“We have had our sights set on the automotive industry since 2015,” says Kristian Lydebrant, project manager for the opening of the Hungarian plant. 

“It is a tough industry and many steps must be achieved before becoming accepted, which imposes rigorous demands on us as a subcontractor,” he continues. 


First delivery faster than planned

An unexpected change in the customer’s plans required Nolato to deliver sooner than planned.

“Nonetheless, everything progressed as planned – or even better you could say. Demand suddenly rose for our first customer – but we had no problem adapting accordingly. And, in mid-August, we made our first delivery of Trishield to the customer,” says Kristian Lydebrant. 


Györ – centre for automotive 

An important part of the initiative in the Automotive Industry is to be accessible in Hungary. The choice of Hungary and Györ is attributable to there already being considerable automotive operations in the area. 

“The largest OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and their subcontractors are represented within a 250-kilometre radius – and, accordingly, considerable knowledge has been amassed in the area,” Kristian explains.

Before the end of the year we will also be a supplier within Telecom Industry and this time it´s about Compashield.

The new factory in Györ

The new EMC Production Center in Györ, Hungary

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