Focus on: Nolato's operating environment

Our customer’s challenges and opportunities are also ours

Globalisation, digitalisation, corporate responsibility requirements and fierce competition are some of the main drivers constantly changing the landscape for Nolato’s customers. As a high-tech innovative partner, our task, together with our customers, is to turn each challenge into a competitive business opportunity.

Meeting the needs posed by the major global megatrends along with ever faster product cycles and changing consumer behaviours is business critical for our customers. One effect of this is that they increasingly need to focus on their own core business. A common solution is to outsource parts of business operations to subcontractors and partner companies. Speed-to-market needs are increasing in step with rapid technological developments and constantly changing consumer behaviour. Ever shorter product life cycles have to be met through both parallel development projects and efficient production processes. General pricing pressure combined with the constant emergence of new operators on the market underscores the need for competitive, differentiated products to strengthen market position. 

Conducting sustainable, responsible business is now a hygiene factor. This in turn leads to our customers being expected to manage their value chains in a way that maximises the positive impact of the business while minimising its negative effects. 


Nolato is well placed to meet customer needs

For Nolato this offers an opportunity to adopt a clear role as a global supplier and high-tech partner. We’re doing this by meeting development needs early on in customers’ development processes and by increasing the level of innovation as a cooperation partner. We help simplify and shorten customers’ logistics chains by supplying integrated solutions either in the form of subsystems or finished products. Our global presence allows us to meet customers’ needs to improve time to market for new products and cost-effective production closer to end-customers for shorter lead times. 

In addition, sustainable, responsible business practice forms the basis for everything Nolato does. It’s about meeting the expectations on both us and our customers for a high level of business ethics and transparency, and leading product development and manufacturing that contribute to a more sustainable future. 

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A constantly changing operating environment provides Nolato with new business opportunities and the ability to develop our customer relationships. In many areas our organisation has moved from being a contract manufacturer to being a high-tech partner for our customers. 
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