Nolato laying off 45 people in Kristianstad, Sweden - Expansion in Asia continues

06-08-15 14:00 - Regulatory

The Kristianstad company Nolato Alpha, which is part of the Nolato Group and is a systems supplier to customers in the telecom industry, is laying off 45 employees. “The reason for this is our mobile phone customers’ continued shift in production from Western Europe to Asia,” said Nolato’s CEO, Georg Brunstam. “So the lay-offs are an adjustment to the declining volumes in this part of operations in Kristianstad.” However, Nolato Telecom’s global center for technological development and project management, which is also located in Kristianstad, is not affected by the lay-offs. “Nolato Telecom’s customer-driven growth in Asia continues,” noted Mr. Brunstam. “Our capacity in China has been further expanded, and we have also started production in Malaysia to meet our customers’ needs in the mobile phone sector.” The lay-offs in Kristianstad are not expected to entail any non-recurring items for the Nolato Group. After the measures have been implemented, Nolato Alpha will have some 60 employees, excluding employees in the Nolato Telecom business area.

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