Information from the Nolato Annual Meeting

07-04-25 19:45 - Regulatory

The Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of Nolato AB was held today, with some 130 shareholders attending. Carl-Gustaf Sondén was elected chairman of the Meeting.

Dividend decision
The Annual Meeting adopted the Board’s dividend proposal of SEK 2.40 per share.

Decision on the election and remuneration of the Board
The Annual Meeting decided in accordance with the proposals of the nomination committee:
to elect seven Board members with no deputy Board members.
to pay the Board an unchanged director’s fee totaling SEK 820,000 excluding travel allowances (820,000 the preceding year), for the period prior to the next Annual Meeting, with the amount being distributed among members who have been re-elected at the Annual Meeting and are not employed by the Company as follows:
Chairman SEK 220,000 (220,000 the preceding year) and other members SEK 120,000 (120,000 the preceding year).
to re-elect Carl-Gustaf Sondén, Gun Boström, Henrik Jorlén, Erik Paulsson, Lars-Åke Rydh and Georg Brunstam as Board members.
to hold a new election for Roger Johanson, Skandia Liv Kapitalförvaltning.
to elect Carl-Gustaf Sondén Chairman of the Board for the period prior to the next Annual Meeting.

Decisions regarding the nomination committee
The Annual Meeting decided in accordance with the proposals of the nomination committee:
- To have a nomination committee consisting of one representative for each of the five largest shareholders based on voting rights as of September 30. The names of the five shareholder representatives and the names of the shareholders they represent shall be disclosed as soon as they have been appointed, but no later than six months prior to the 2008 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. The term of the nomination committee shall run until a new nomination committee is appointed. Unless the committee members agree otherwise, the chairman of the nomination committee shall be the member that represents the largest shareholder based on voting rights.
-To put together proposals on the items below, which will be submitted to the 2008 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting for adoption:
(a) proposal for Chairman of the Annual Meeting,
(b) proposal for the Board of Directors,
(c) proposal for the Chairman of the Board,
(d) proposal for the auditors,
(e) proposal for the director’s fee, and how it is to be distributed among the Chairman and the other Board members,
(f) proposal for the fee to the Company’s auditors,
(g) proposal on the nomination committee prior to the 2009 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

Other decisions
The Annual Meeting decided to adopt the income statements and balance sheets for Nolato AB and the Group as well as the proposed distribution of earnings and to discharge the Board of Directors and the President from any liability for the 2006 financial year.

The CEO’s address to the shareholders at the Annual Meeting will soon be available at

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