Georg Brunstam to step down as President and CEO of Nolato

07-06-11 08:46 - Regulatory

Georg Brunstam, at his own request, will step down as President and CEO of Nolato by December 9, 2007 at the latest. The work to find his successor will begin at once.

The other people in Nolato’s Group Management will stay on in their positions and will lead their own function and business area following the strategy previously adopted by Nolato’s Board of Directors.

Nolato’s Board of Directors reiterates that the forecast for the second quarter issued by Nolato in its report for the first quarter still holds. Sales at Nolato Telecom in the second quarter of 2007 are expected to be on par with sales in the first quarter, while Nolato Medical and Nolato Industrial are expected to continue their positive trend in the second quarter.

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