Nolato Telecom forming joint venture with Chinese metal specialist

07-08-10 08:03 - Regulatory

Nolato Telecom, a business area in the Nolato Group, has signed a joint venture agreement with the Chinese metal specialist OPD. A joint development and sales company will broaden Nolato Telecom’s customer offering to its mobile telephone customers to include not only plastic components but also metal ones.

“The metal content of many mobile phones is increasing and metal is used, combined with plastic, for such purposes as creating design effects,” comments Jonas Persson, Head of Nolato Telecom. “Historically, our strength has been with plastic, but by partnering with OPD we are now broadening our customer offering in metal technology.

“This broadening is in response to customer demand and will strengthen our market position. Mobile phone manufacturers want a single supplier to be able to deliver both plastic and metal parts,” Mr. Persson says.

OPD is a leading supplier of both cosmetic and non-cosmetic metal for consumer electronics, with a very good reputation in the mobile phone sector. The partnership will take the form of a joint development and sales company in which Nolato and OPD are each half-owners. This company will carry out its operations at Nolato Telecom in Beijing and Shenzhen, China, offering mobile phone manufacturers fully integrated plastic and metal technology.

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