Positive development for all business areas

12-04-24 14:00 - Regulatory

In today’s year-end report, Nolato has reported sales for the first quarter of 2012 of SEK 837 million (759), representing a 10% increase. Operating profit (EBITA) was up 30% to SEK 57 million (44) and earnings per share rose to SEK 1.41 (1.06).

"We are pleased to report positive development for all business areas," says Hans Porat, President and CEO of Nolato.

Nolato Medical’s sale rose by 6% to SEK 246 million (232), operating profit (EBITA) increased to SEK 31 million (28) and the EBITA margin was 12.6% (12.1).

"Product sales developed well in line with the growth in the market during the quarter, while project-related sales remained lower," comments Hans Porat.

Nolato Telecom’s sales rose by 11% to SEK 287 million (259), operating profit (EBITA) increased to SEK 7 million (-4) and the EBITA margin was 2.4% (-1.5).

"The start-up of new customer projects from March onwards is progressing as planned, which will gradually replace the older product portfolio," says Hans Porat.

Nolato Industrial's sales rose by 13% to SEK 304 million (268), operating profit (EBITA) increased to SEK 28 million (25) and the EBITA margin was a strong 9.2% (9.3).

"Capacity utilisation was high during the quarter," says Hans Porat. "Demand was stable, and new products, particularly within the area of hygiene, have experienced a positive development."

Cash flow after investments was, as a result of the increase in sales, SEK –32 million (+111). Net debt totalled SEK 112 million (–80) and the equity/assets ratio was 53% (54).

Nolato has after the balance sheet date acquired the company Cope Allman Jaycare, see the press release of 11 April. The company is a British company within pharmaceutical packaging and provides geographic expansion and a stronger customer base for Nolato Medical. For 2012 the company is considered to have sales of approx. SEK 270 million.

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