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Our strategy for achieving our targets

Nolato has developed the following overall strategy for achieving its growth targets:
Overall strategy

Nolato has developed the following overall strategy for achieving its growth targets:



The Nolato Group aims to have long-term growth and generate a stable return for shareholders. We aim to be an advanced high-tech partner for our customers, on a regional and global market.



We aim to achieve this by ensuring our employees are highly capable, by investing in advanced development technology and by offering global and competitive lean manufacturing. With a few exceptions (such as EMC & Thermal), we operate based on a customer-oriented strategy instead of a segment-oriented strategy.



Focus on large customers in product areas with organic growth.


Sustainable development

We operate our business in a decentralised way in accordance with Nolato’s Code of Conduct, which is specified by means of Group-wide targets on the environment, social responsibility and business ethics. Nolato aims to be at the forefront of sustainable development measures.


Structural growth

We aim to continue looking for acquisitions, primarily within polymer products and systems relating to the Medical Solutions and Industrial Solutions business areas, and we aim to position our business to benefit from outsourcing opportunities. Those companies that we may be interested in should essentially have the same corporate culture and approach as Nolato, as well as providing relevant customers and an opportunity to expand either geographically or in terms of capabilities. It is important that acquired companies are not turnaround businesses, but operationally and financially stable companies. We will also consider selective acquisitions in the EMC & Thermal area. In 2016, Nolato acquired Poland-based Grizzly Medical and Switzerland-based Treff AG. The latter has operations in both Medical Solutions and Industrial Solutions’ areas. Both companies were integrated successfully in 2017 into the Nolato Group’s operations.


Business areas’ focus on growth

Medical Solutions has a global growth strategy, with the aim of growing in America, Europe and Asia. This business area sees growth opportunities on a market with increased health care needs, with customers increasingly outsourcing production to skilled suppliers.

Integrated Solutions is increasingly focusing on customers in Europe and the US, although Asia remains an important market. This business area sees good opportunities to develop within selected areas of technology in consumer electronics such as home electronics, fitness trackers and VHP products. Mobile phones remain an attractive area that is driving rapid technological development, providing synergies for the entire Group. In EMC & Thermal – electromagnetic compatibility and heat dissipation – Integrated Solutions sees opportunities for continued growth in the telecom segment through new applications for the ‘internet of things’, as well as in other segments such as automotive and medical technology. Acquisitions may also be a possibility.

Industrial Solutions is mainly a Nordic business but it also has operations in selected markets in Central Europe. The objective is for growth to mainly take place on existing markets with the possibility of bolt-on acquisitions.

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