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The AutoLys M Tube is designed for midscale semi-automated applications with 2D-ID traceability. It comes as a tube in tube concept and and a TubeLifter tool to ensure processing of the 24 tubes at one time by a DNA Spin-Flow purification of lysed analyte. In combination with the TubeLifter tool it ensures a fast, contamination free and reliable workflow ideal for DNA extraction from critical traces.

General Characteristics – TreffLab AutoLys M Tube

  • Absolutely safe DNA extraction – even from large traces of source material (large swabs, cloth etc) – within one tube is guaranteed, thanks to:
  • A special compact, wide design of the tube
  • The close-fitting outer and inner tubes
  • An inner membrane at the bottom of the inner tube combined with a screw cap

Major Quality Characteristics of AutoLys M Tube are
  • The AutoLys M Tube is made of special virgin polypropylene resin  providing high chemical resistance and excellent surface quality to  ensure maximum DNA recovery for next step of DNA analysis
  • The PTFE Membrane (30 µm pore size, 2 mm thickness) of the inner  tube is hydrophobic, inert and chemically stable, well suited also for  applications with organic solvents (e.g. acetonitrile), acids or alkalines
  • For Spin-Flow applications with a working volume of 200 to 900 µl 
  • For heat incubations with lysis buffers up to 90°C
  • AutoLys M Tubes withstand centrifugal g forces up to 3’000 RCF  («Lift Lock» position, 500 µl, 10 min)
  • Microbiologically controlled production in cleanrooms class 8,  ISO 14644-1
  • Free of RNase, DNase, DNA (<2 pg DNA), Endotoxines (<0.001 EU/ml),  PCR Inhibitors (<10 copies) or ATP (<30 RUL)
  • Ready to Use (CleanRoom Pure®)
  • LoTrace® DNA)
  • LoTrace® Forensics)


General Characteristics – TreffLab AutoLys M Tube, EO treated

  • Treatment significantly reduces applied human DNA,  RNase and DNase contaminants. EO fumigation has no impact on PCR Inhibitors or ATP (Study at company accredited ISO/IEC17025)
  • Amount of applied human DNA is reduced > 3log10 fold by EO
  • Optimized surface for forensic applications


EO (Ethylene Oxide)


LoTrace® Forensics quality features the followingadditional characteristics:
  • Ethylene Oxide processed (ISO 18385, ISO 11135)
  • Low binding DNA surface
  • Analyses of surface quality for each production lot
  • Analysis carried out by independent Swiss laboratory accredited ISO/IEE17025 for real-time PCR
  • CleanRoom Pure® production conditions
  • Ready for low content DNA sample preparation/ assay


All analyses have been carried out by an independent Swiss laboratory, accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025, or by the quality department at Nolato Treff AG. Corresponding data sheets are available on request.

Autolys M Tube Lifter

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