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Slim-Line Pipette Tips

TreffLab Slime-Line™ Pipette Tips, PP, are designed to achieve the highest level of precision, accuracy and reproducibility demanded by scientists for challenging assays and routine analysis. All products are free of DiHEMDA (di(2hydroxyethyl)methyl-dodecylammonium) and Oleamid (9-octadecenamid). 


Major Quality Characteristics of Slime-Line™ Pipette Tips

  • Robust pipette tip with Slime-Line™ shape
  • 100% virgin polymer only
  • Microbiologically controlled production in clean room class 8,  ISO 14644-1
  • Extra smooth surface minimizes binding of samples to the wall  Free of DNase/ RNase, human DNA, PCR inhibitors, endotoxins, ATP  Suitable for use with all popular single and multi-channel market  leading pipettes
  • Autoclavable (20 minutes, 100% humidity) according to DIN EN 285  Sterile pipette versions are sterilized with ß-radiation according to  ISO 11137 and AAMI guidelines. The sterility meets USP 29 and Ph. Eur. requirements SAL of 10-6 (ß-radiation)
  • Ready to Use (CleanRoom Pure®)


Mayor Quality Characteristics of SlimLine® Filters

  • Additive free pure Polyethylene (PE) Filter
  • Aerosol safe due to pore size and filter length
  • Liquid safe due to pore size
  • Sample recovery possible when accidentally in contact with filter due to non-swelling filter type (blow out or centrifuge filter tip)

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Compatibility tables

Compatibility Table Slim-Line Pipette Tips  with Pipettes

Compatibility Table TreffLab Pipette Tips with Competitor Pipettes

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