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Treff Vial HP

The Treff Vial HP with septum cap is specially designed to meet required parameters of modern transport and autosampler vials.

General Characteristics – Treff Vial HP

Thanks to its special design and 2K material combination it is capable of withstanding up to 5 bar internal pressure and has a 2 bar resealing tightness after needle penetration of the septum. Its outstanding DMSO tightness makes the Treff Vial HP to an ideal storage and transport vessel for a wide range of research, development, quality control and production laboratories. Each vial features an individual unique 2D tube number to ensure retraceability at any time.


All TreffLab Vial HP feature the following characteristics:
  • Outstanding dynamic transport tightness and resealing properties 
  • Autosampler and transport system approved
  • 100% virgin medical-grade PP only, no additives, providing high  chemical quality
  • Microbiological controlled production in cleanrooms class 8, ISO 14644-1
  • Free of RNase, DNase, human DNA, endotoxins, PCR inhibitors and ATP
  • Capacity: up to 350 µl
  • Up to 5 bar / 72.5 psi internal pressure tightness
  • Resealing tightness after needle penetration of septum: 2 bar / 29 psi
  • Temperature range: - 80°C up to 100°C
  • Ready to Use (CleanRoom Pure®)

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