Our EMC production center and production partners

Production Center

Nolato Silikonteknik's technical base in the field of EMC is situated to Hallsberg, Sweden. In addition to the facility in Sweden, we also have production resources under our own management in Beijing and Suzhou, China, Penang, Malaysia and Györ, Hungary. Here we base the production, materials and technologies included in our Compashield® and Trishield® product category.


Production Partners

An EMC Production Partner is a licensed manufacturer granted by Nolato to use our materials and technologies for large-scale production, with continued support from Nolato Silikonteknik. This support extends all the way from research and development to quality control. Today we have numerous EMC production partners for our Trishield® products and production around the world, with a primary focus on Asia. Our number of partners continues to grow and we are always welcoming qualified companies to join us.


Our partner benefits include:

  • Unique, high-quality materials
  • Carefully developed and patented production technologies
  • ‘Speaking partner’ R&D
  • Flexibility
  • Training
  • Business-generating customer contacts
  • Sales resources
  • Development potential
  • Cost-effective production

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Sales contact Rodney Boyd +1 651 955-9505 rodney.boyd@nolato.com

Nolato Production Partner

Modus Advanced, Inc.

1575 Greenville Rd.

Livermore, CA 94550

Phone no. 925-960-8700

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