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Integrated Solutions Business Area

Business area Integrated Solutions consists of two specialist companies that develop and manufacture products for the telecom and consumer electronics markets and one company that develops techniques and material for shielding of electronics.

Integrated Solutions' operations are divided into two business sectors:


  • Mobile Phones: Development and manufacturing of mechanical subsystems and components for mobile phones, tablet devices and new areas of technology such as selected consumer electronics. These products have high cosmetic and haptic content, often with requirements regarding special functions such as water resistance and heat dissipation.
  • EMC: Development techniques and materials for shielding of electronics to achieve electromagnetic compatibility, i.e. to prevent disruption from electronic components, and other applications such as heat dissipation for circuit board components.


Integrated Solutions' market position

Compared with the large EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) companies, Nolato is a niche player in Mobile Phones, offering strong in-house expertise in development, design and production. Customers mainly consist of a number of selected Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that develop and produce their own end-product, in contrast to mobile phone companies, which use large EMS providers to manufacture an entire mobile phone.
Nolato is also a niche operator in the new product areas, but it sees good growth for its products. Customers include both established companies like Sonos, Nest and Fitbit, and relatively new companies such as Vinaya and Cloudtag.
Within EMC, Nolato has a strong position as a supplier of shielding solutions for mobile network base stations and is continuing to take market share. Customers include major international telecom companies such as Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei and ZTE. Nolato is also showing good growth in both EMC and other applications such as TIM (thermal interface materials) in other sectors like automotive, medical technology and electronics. For example, electric cars require shielding when charging the vehicle, in health care there is a growing amount of equipment requiring shielding, and in the electronics sector there are a range of interesting applications requiring this technique. Customers include Siemens, Harman, Autoliv and Kongsberg.


Integrated Solutions’ strategic focus

Integrated Solutions’ strategy is to be a partner and supplier of technically advanced products mainly to the upper segment of the telecom industry, but also to other sectors such as fast-growing areas of consumer electronics. Integrated Solutions’s extensive experience in the development and production of mobile phones means the company has a unique ability to offer customers a wide range of technologies and expertise, making it a one-stop shop.

Within EMC, Integrated Solutions’ strategy is to be a supplier to customers mainly in the radio base stations, automotive, healthcare equipment and electronics segments. Sales of EMC material take place both directly and via Nolato’s licensed partners. As well as developing various electrically conductive materials solutions and electronics shielding components, development work also focuses on TIM (thermal interface materials) products.


Integrated Solutions’ key features

Like the rest of the Group, Integrated Solutions’ operations are based on: Corporate responsibility, wide-ranging technical capabilities and advanced production technology. The main distinguishing factor is the technological content. Integrated Solutions has developed its own portfolio of unique technical products in order to offer unique solutions. These include ACMs, acoustic cosmetic modules, which are the ‘protection’ in front of speakers and microphones on mobile phones, Waterproof Technologies for water-resistant products, Laser Applications for joining components, Ceramics for their decorative and tough properties and the previously mentioned EMC and TIM products.

This business area also offers particular expertise in handling rapid start-ups of new products and production with major fluctuations in volume. In addition, unlike the rest of the Nolato Group, the bulk of Integrated Solutions’ revenues come from technologies other than injection moulding, such as tool production, assembly and various methods of painting and decoration.

Examples of products

Mobile phone components and subsystems

Injection-moulded, painted and decorated components for mobile phones, in certain cases integrated as ‘mechanical modules’, sometimes water-resistant. Creative material and surface design with significant cosmetic and haptic content.

Small, designed adhesive components with mechanical and/or cosmetic functions, such as logos, speaker grilles and three-dimensional design elements.


Ultra soft EMC gasket mounted


Process and material solutions for the shielding of electronics to achieve electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

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