Nolatos identity manual: The Net

Nolato on the Internet

Nolato's presence on the Internet is important to control, so that we provide a consistent image in all contexts. Therefore, the rules below are important to follow for everyone within the Nolato Group.

One website for the entire Group

Nolato has one website, which is common to all operations within the Group. This means that there must not be any external sites outside of the Group web platform.

The Group has overall responsibility for the site in terms of basic design and structure as well as the functionality and technology of the site. Responsibility for the content in the form of detail design, text and image is decentralized. Each section of the site therefore has a designated owner, which responds to keeping its part updated and attractive to visitors. In order for a visitor to get a unified experience of the web site, all pages have to follow the basic design in form of e.g. page structure, menu positioning, navigation principles, fonts, colors and graphic elements.

Entities within the Group who have resources and want to manage their part of the site will be offered training in the actual updating of their own information.



Domains on the internet

No other public domains than and may be used (with or without the www). This means that URLs like are not allowed. If a function, for technical reasons, has to be operated outside the Group website's technical platform, the URL shall be like and the address used publically be Contact the Nolato Group web manager for this.

The only exception is if a Nolato company with activities in one country with their own language need a local website for the recruitment of employees in the national language. In this case, "nolato" and the country top-level domain (e.g. .hu) can be used as the URL to the page. Contact the Nolato Group web manager for this.

It is allowed to use URLs like to lead the visitor directly to the wished part of the website. This is handled by the Nolato Group web manager.

Other Nolato domains than and can be registered to protect the Nolato name. This domains are then also linked to the Nolato first page, but may not be used publically. Through the registration a domain no one can "kidnap" that domain and use it for their own purposes. All for Nolato commercially valuable domains should therefore be protected.

If you wish to register a domain, please contact the web manager. It is not allowed to register a domain in any other way, as all domains shall be collected at the same registrar. All Nolato domains shall be owned by Nolato, usually Nolato AB.




Social Media


Nolato's presence in social media

The Nolato Group has a social media presence in the form of accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. These are handled by web manager and are used for comprehensive information to the Group's stakeholders.

Pending a policy on how Nolato will act on social media, no unit within Nolato shall open its own social media accounts without the consent of the webmaster.


Employee action in social media

In accordance with Nolato's Code of Conduct, Nolato respects every employee's freedom to comment on circumstances that concern him personally. However, normal loyalty and consideration for the employer also apply in social media.

In matters relating to Nolato's business and business activities, only the company management has the right to disseminate information, whether it is in social or other media.




The primary domain for Nolato's e-mail addresses is Any deviation from this must be approved by Nolato's identity manager.
All e-mail from people working at Nolato should include signatures that feature the info as shown below.

e-mail signature company 


The Nolato logotype is a part of the signature. Only the logo file linked in this page may be used! Please download it.

Please observe that it is not allowed to add messages like "Please consider the environment before printing this mail" or any other statements or lectures. The only exception allowed is the promotion of fairs and other events in which Nolato is a participant.


If the holder of the signature is employed on business area level, the signature should be as shown below:


e-mail signature business area

Web manager

Mats Håkanson

+46 708 203840


Logotype file for the mail signature

Guide for entering the mail signature in Outlook