Our identity manual: Job offering

Our job offering

All job offerings in the Grup must be advertised in Nolato's name. This also applies in cases where external recruitment consultants are engaged!

Today most job advertising is done on the internet in terms of websites, jobseekers and social media. In these, we have no opportunity to influence the appearance but must follow the internet media's design. However, some important rules will still be followed:

  • All site advertising must be done in Nolato's name, even when external recruitment consultants are engaged. In general, therefore, the ad should have Nolato as a sender and Nolato's logo should be displayed.
  • In all media, the description of the service shall be preceded by information about the unit that has the job offering. As Nolato does not publish sales figures for individual group companies, the individual group company's turnover shall not be stated in the advertisement. The company's average number of annual employees can be published as well as the business area or group turnover and the number of employees. These figures can be retrieved from Nolato's annual report.
  • All job offerings within Nolato shall also be published on Nolato's website. Contact Mats Håkanson for this. As a basis for the publication, a text document is sent with the full ad text and link to application to mats.hakanson@nolato.com. Don't forget the lines for the job listing page. Group units that frequently advertise vacancies can, after proper training, get access to directly publish their vacancies on Nolato's website themselves.

Go to the vacancies listing page to have a look!


In case of publishing advertisement in a newspaper, magazine etc., the ad must be designed in accordance with Nolato's profile rules regarding fonts and colors.


Mats Håkanson