Our identity manual: Presentations

Our presentations

Nolato's presentations (Powerpoint or similar) skall be designed according to the guidelines here.

All presentations are to be made in 16: 9 format, consistent with today's TV and projector formats. Older presentations made in the 4: 3 format can be retained until the content needs updating, then they have to be changed to 16: 9. If different presentations are shown at the same time, everyone should follow the 16: 9 format.




  • All text should be written in Arial Narrow Normal. Bold text may only be used when f.e. highlighting columns of numbers in a table. *
  • The corporate colours black, red, grey and white shall be the primary colors. Also in diagrams!
  • Please respect the logo's free zones as described under the Logotype menu. Text or  pictures may never be placed on or near the logotype!
  • Do not fill the slide with text. All words have to be readable by your audience.
  • Be careful when using animations.
  • If a presentation shall be mailed for documentation purposes, save the ppt as a pdf. That will safeguard that the recipient will see the presentation as you made it.
* If the slides only are to be shown from a computer with Nolato's profile fonts (Sabon and Helvetica Neue Condensed) these fonts can be used. You can also make a presentation from such a computer and then lock it as a pdf, thereby conserving the fonts.


Mats Håkanson



Download 16:9 template

Template for Powerpoint