Our identity manual: Signs

Our signs

Signs are subject to the same basic rules regarding logotype, colors and fonts that apply to other applications at Nolato. For example, this means that only the “Nolato” logotype may be used. Therefore, company names must not appear in logotype form.

Every purchaser is responsible for making sure that signs are designed correctly. Unfortunately, it happens that sign makers do not use the right logotypes or select versions of fonts other than those that are prescribed. When ordering signs, make sure to clearly indicate that the instructions regarding Nolato’s visual identity must be followed.




Facade signs

Facade signs shall always consist of the Nolato logotype. Signs are constructed with three-dimensional letters made from painted sheet metal (red-colored Indian and black letters). The Indian head and letters are assembled separately, spaced away from the facade. Lighting is done using white LEDs mounted inside. This provides a corona effect against the facade behind the sign.
The facade signs must not be installed in front of a background plate with a color or surface other than that of the facade, since this would create the effect that the logotype consists of a square field with lettering. Even a background plate with the
same color and surface as the facade should be avoided, since this creates shadows and can provide the same effect.
Letters must not be designed in a way that creates an outline effect, i.e. that the outer edge is given a lighter color than the rest of the letter.





Directional signs

Separate external signs whose purpose is to stand at entrances, for example, and either confirm to visitors that they are in the right place or show the way to a parking lot, freight entrance etc., shall be designed according to these rules.
The signs shall be supported by a structural, cylindrical arch, which is painted red (NCS S1085-Y80R, RAL 3020). The arch may be equipped with lighting.
Signs shall be made of metal, with a white background and black text. Only the “Nolato” logotype may be used. The name of the Nolato company shall not be shown on signs. The only exception is in those cases where Nolato has more than one facility in the same community, which makes identification necessary.
Text shall use Helvetica Neue 57 Condensed. Only this font in its original version is allowed. Alternative, “similar” fonts must not be used.
If the sign starts with the word “Welcome,” this shall be placed by itself and shall not be followed by “to.” Directional text shall be placed to the right and be right-justified, as shown in the example above. The directional arrow shall be mounted to the right or left of the word so that the direction is logical.

Always take care of the sign. Wash it and repaint the arch when the red color has deteriorated. It's a Nolato face towards visitors and by-passers.





Internal door signs etc.

Names, unit designations etc., on doors, windows and walls inside buildings shall be designed according to the basic rules for font and colors. For example, this means that the text shall be set using Helvetica Neue 57 Condensed. Other fonts must not be used.
Letters are set in black on a light background and white on a dark background. On glass windows they shall be black, matte folie. If they are set on the background of a sign, this shall be white.



Name tags

Here will soon be rules for name tags.


Mats Håkanson