Focus on: Medical Solutions

Turnkey Solution Provider to Global Medtech and Pharma Industries

With 80 years of experience in product development, advanced polymer processing, including assemblies and various post-processes, we offer you unique and reliable services.

We are a global turnkey solutions provider to medical and pharmaceutical companies. Our manufacturing and technical processes provide you with the highest quality and value oriented solutions.

Our Medical Excellence processes and culture guides us in all aspects of our medical and pharmaceutical business. This approach allows us to focus on quality combined with consistent, lean and efficient delivery to better serve you and your patients.


Solutions Provider

With over 150 engineers between our global Technical Design Centers and manufacturing sites, we are able to take and develop your ideas, concepts, and requirements from start, through to completion.

Specializing in precision molding of thermoplastics and silicones, our expertise starts for you at the point of engagement from your choosing. This is followed by forward looking, innovative solutions, based on our market experience and know-how, that will fulfil your exacting needs.

Our support will carry you through full engineering services, asset builds, validated pilot production and validated clinical trial builds. You will know your customers are safe when using your products before you launch to your market. Our support continues post trial, turning that forward looking solution into a validated series production process. The result ensures that you get you to the market efficiently, and safely, with a quality product and secure supply chain.

Focusing 100% of our vast resources towards the medical and pharmaceutical segments to guarantee quality and discipline is ingrained in our DNA. Our multiple facilities can serve your needs both globally and regionally to secure your supply chain for your customer and business needs.

Whether you need precision components individually, or combined with cutting edge assembly and finishing services, we deliver to you at all levels and interfaces. By providing seamless, innovative solutions, we allow you to focus on your business, end users and patients; we will take care of the rest.

Our customer focus and what you can expect from us:

In addition to our top of the line engineering and manufacturing services, our customers know us to be, and confirm daily: we are the most flexible and easy company to do business with in the industry. It is our company culture of empowering employees and engaging people with respect which drives our customer focused approach at every level of business to support our customers. You can expect the same interactions and service when you choose us to be your trusted supplier of choice. And never anything less.


Medical Device Segment:

Medical Solutions services you, who are medical device focused, with components and devices in all of our engineering and manufacturing facilities. If you have needs in the following industry segments:


  • Medical component
  • Medical device
  • Medical technology
  • Diagnostic/laboratory
  • Point of care
We will partner with you to deliver a time sensitive, precision oriented, quality focused and competitive solution for you and your end users, never any less.


Pharmaceutical Segment:

Medical Solutions services you, who are pharmaceutical focused, with devices and primary packaging in all of our engineering facilities and most of our manufacturing facilities. If you have needs in the following industry segments:


  • Branded pharmaceuticals
  • Generic pharmaceuticals
  • Biologics
  • Hormones
  • Over the counter drugs and products
We will partner with you to understand your needs in order to deliver a technically sound, innovative, quality & regulatory focused solution to you and your patients, never any less.


We offer you:

  • Teams and production sites exclusively working with medical technology and pharmaceuticals customers
  • The certifications and knowledge in order to meet high levels of validations within the industry
  • A real understanding of the requirements and circumstances which medical production entails
  • High level competences – our expertise is paired with deep analytical knowledge and hands-on experience
  • The flexibility to adjust to your styles and needs
  • A line of sight from start to finish, thanks to in-depth knowledge to create realistic manufacturing timelines
  • Access to all of Nolato Group's expertise and technologies


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