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The Nolato Spirit

Nolato has a long tradition of responsible business conduct, efficiency and professionalism. The Nolato spirit booklet brings together the Group's core business principles and values.

Nolato has a long tradition of responsible business conduct. It’s part of the company’s spirit to be a good employer and corporate citizen, and to take responsibility for what it does and always apply sound business ethics.


A future-oriented, responsible approach

“We believe that a future-oriented, responsible approach is not only necessary from a sustainability perspective, but also that it creates opportunities and business benefits. Especially when combined with our strong focus on efficiency and professionalism,” says Nolato President and CEO Christer Wahlquist.

The Nolato Spirit brings together the Group’s core business principles and values in terms of business mission, vision, how it achieves its vision and, of course, Nolato’s Basic Principles. The document also contains Nolato’s Code of Conduct, which acts as an ethical compass to be followed by all Group employees, board members and others involved in Nolato’s operations. “It also sets out what we expect of our suppliers,” notes Christer Wahlquist.


An integrated Code of Conduct 

Nolato's policies on the environment, quality management and information are incorporated in the Group's Code of Conduct. It is also based on Nolato’s undertakings under the UN Global Compact, international guidelines and conventions, and the ISO 26000 social responsibility standard.

“Our corporate values document places significant emphasis on the fact that everything Nolato does is connected,” says Christer Wahlquist. “We’re helping to create a sustainable future by taking responsibility for all aspects of our business, in which both financial and non-financial factors combine and help take us forward.”

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  • Nolato Spirit

    The Nolato Spirit

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