Dominant trends driving change

Strong megatrends affecting the operating environment are driving change and impacting Nolato’s customers and market. Together with customers and business partners, Nolato is turning trends and challenges into business opportunities and boosting its competitiveness in order to be part of the solution in a more sustainable world.

Increased focus on core business

The rapid pace of development is increasing the need for customers to focus on their own core business by outsourcing parts of their business to strategic partner companies.

Nolato is well placed to efficiently handle those aspects of the business that need to be outsourced and, where required, to expand locally or globally together with customers. As a high-tech global  solutions provider with local production near customers and the ability to deliver integrated solutions, either subsystems or complete products, Nolato also helps simplify and shorten customers’ logistics chains.
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Digitalization and electrification

Electrification, digitalization and IoT (Internet of Things) are being integrated into everything from medical devices to consumer ­electronics and vehicles. Growing electrification is increasing the need for shielding and heat dissipation for electronics in new product areas.

Our combined expertise in polymer products and systems identifies development needs, innovates sustainable solutions and supplies tailored subsystems and finished products. A high level of digitalization and access to real-time data also enables continued development and increased operating efficiency, including using automated processes.

New needs for shielding and heat dissipation for more electronics in products are generating new market opportunities. Nolato is also meeting new needs in the related product areas of personal health and consumer electronics. 

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Nolato operates in a competitive sector and our customers are increasingly facing competition from new market entrants. 

Nolato improves its own competitiveness and that of its customers by helping customers develop new, innovative and sustainable products that meet the requirements of cost effectiveness, greater differentiation and sustainability. Nolato offers high-tech collaboration and partnerships with a global presence and production close to customers in more than 10 countries. 

Nolato’s competitive lean manufacturing, cutting-edge technology and wide-­ranging expertise in sustainable end-to-end solutions help maximize business benefits for customers, with efficient processes and a high level of quality assurance.
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Globalization and geopolitical uncertainty

Globalization, increased geopolitical uncertainty and trade barriers, combined with supply chain disruptions and reduced travel are boosting demand for global business partners with regional and continental production, flows and business relationships. 

Nolato is a global high-tech solutions provider with an established position and manufacturing on three continents. Production located near both customers and suppliers enables closer collaboration, quicker decisions and provides flexible management of crises and supply chain disruptions. Proximity to customers’ operations creates new business opportunities and more efficient logistics, enabling cost savings and a lower climate impact.


Climate change and the Paris Agreement’s 1.5-degree target make it clear that significant measures are needed for sustainable development. Greater needs for health, security and equality, human rights, a smaller carbon footprint, biodiversity and resource efficiency are driving development towards a fair, carbon-neutral, circular and sustainable society. 

Global warming and natural resource shortages are also spurring legislation and requirements to create circular flows and accelerate the transition to renewable and recycled materials and renewable energy. Customer and stakeholder requirements for and expectations of proactive, responsible sustainability measures are growing and more companies are looking to ensure sustainable operations through­out the value chain. 

Nolato conducts business responsibly by operating in a highly ethical and transparent way, aiming to conduct business that has a minimal negative impact on our employees and environment. 

Sustainability is an integral part of our strategy and our day-to-day business, and Nolato’s capabilities in offering sustainable solutions generate increased value for customers and create business benefits. Nolato is also an important part of customers’ value chains and their aims to increase the level of renewable and recycled materials, along with designs that allow products to become part of a sustainable loop and contribute to a circular economy. 

Nolato has defined clear sustainability targets, including an 80% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2025 compared with the 2011–2012 average. 

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