Dominant trends driving change

There are a number of powerful trends that are steadily changing the competitive landscape and operating environment for Nolato’s customers. As a high-tech global solutions provider, Nolato’s principal task, together with its customers, is to turn each challenge into a competitive business opportunity.

Increased focus on core business

The rapid pace of change is creating a need among customers to focus on their own core operations. Outsourcing parts of business to partner companies is a way of responding to this challenge.

As a high-tech global solutions provider, Nolato is well positioned to efficiently handle those aspects of the business that need to be outsourced and, where required, to expand locally or globally together with customers. We also help simplify and shorten customers’ logistics chains by supplying integrated solutions either in the form of subsystems or
finished products.
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As IoT (Internet of Things) is integrated into everything from medical equipment and domestic appliances to machines and vehicles, there is a need for both shielding and heat dissipation for electronics in entirely new product areas.

Nolato’s in-depth expertise in polymer products and systems identifies development needs, innovates solutions and supplies tailored subsystems and finished products. This includes meeting new needs for shielding and heat dissipation for electronics in products.

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There is a growing trend for our customers to face competition from new market entrants. We boost customers’ competitiveness by supporting the development of innovative, environmentally optimized products that meet requirements for greater differentiation.

And our extensive experience of lean manufacturing allows us to maximize business benefits for customers through effective processes and a high level of quality assurance.

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Responsible business conduct

Nolato is an important part of customers’ value chain. Their expectations of proactive sustainability work are growing, requiring clear responsible conduct on environmental and social issues and business ethics.

Responsible business conduct is the basis for everything we do. This means Nolato operates with strong business ethics and transparency, and ensures production has a minimal negative impact. Our aim is to increase the level of renewable/recycled materials, along with designs that allow products to become part of a sustainable loop and contribute to a circular economy.