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A long-term partner

Our customer offering spans the entire value chain, from concept development to high-volume production and beyond. When you choose us as your partner, we create added value through cutting-edge technology, extensive expertise in development and design, advanced project management and highly efficient production. There is an emphasis on sustainable development at all stages of the process.

What we do

Our offering in developing and producing polymer-based products comprises everything from concept development, product design and process optimization, to high-volume production, post-processing, assembly and logistics. We partner and work closely with customers, and involvement at an early stage allows us to help develop sustainable, successful, cost-effective products that are ready to manufacture.
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Nolato production
Nolato Polymer production

Our customer offering

Our defining strength combines two separate areas of expertise: the ability to create new-to-world solutions based on customer requirements, paired with practical manufacturing know-how and state-of-the-art capabilities.

Sustainable development

Offering Sustainable Solutions

The environmental performance of Nolato’s products has become an increasingly important competitive factor. We therefore work with our customers on the goal of developing products that offer lower carbon footprint and/or contribute to a circular economy. We offer sustainable alternatives relating to raw materials, design, technologies and transportation. 

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From concept through innovation and expertise to finished product

Customer requirements form the basis for all of Nolato’s development work. Customer-specific products and solutions are created by continually raising the skill levels of employees and investing in cutting-edge technologies as well as our expertise in design, sustainable solutions, 3D visualization, toolings, full-scale production and cost-effective manufacturing.
Picture showing our concept through innovation and expertise to finished product
Concept development
Nolato supports customers from the concept stage and is involved in discussions about production operations.
Customer-oriented solutions
We create technical solutions that give products unique haptic and cosmetic features, make them water resistant, reduce weight and/or minimize environmental impact.
Nolato optimizes design to create the most efficient and effective production solutions in terms of function, quality and price.
Prototypes (3D)
Nolato visualizes future products by producing prototypes and materials samples.
Production tools
Nolato specifies and manufactures, or buys in, molds and related production equipment.
Full-scale production
We work with most production technologies, primarily in the field of polymers.

Quality assurance

Nolato continually ensures the right level of quality by using automated vision systems, professional operators and effective systems for continual improvements.


Standard products of the highest quality

The standard range of proprietary products that Nolato develops and manufactures includes breathing bags, catheter balloons, pharmaceutical packaging, laboratory products, process and materials solutions for shielding and heat dissipation for electronics.

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Nolato Cerbo showroom with products

Benefits of having Nolato as your partner

Over 80 years' of experience

Our vast experience allows us to offer world-class know-how and technologies on a global market.

Comprehensive list of certifications

Our rigorous standards, certifications and expert management ensure impeccable quality and traceability to meet your industry standards.


We listen carefully to your requirements and understand the specific challenges that need resolving to achieve your objectives. We have a local presence, which simplifies each stage of the process, and we have the flexibility to adjust to your methods and needs.

Advanced capabilities

We create added value for both customers and owners through progressive, leading technology, extensive expertise in development and design, advanced project management and highly efficient production. Our shared values of being professional, well organized and responsible are reflected in everything we do.

Clear overview

From start to finish, our in-depth knowledge helps keep the process to a realistic schedule.

Cost-effective production

Nolato's highly efficient production methods maximize cost effectiveness, while ensuring high-quality output.
Nolato Polymer purchase manager


One Nolato

Nolato's customers have access to the unique benefits of combining world-class, cross-sector know-how and technologies with a local presence under One Nolato. This is what sets Nolato apart. We believe it is important to collaborate closely with you to make sound decisions based on your feedback, and to give you access to our collective expertise and extensive resources across the entire group.
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CROSS-SECTOR knowledge

Working together

Since Nolato was first established, our operations have been built on the belief that strong individuals working together and sharing knowledge and ideas forms the basis of a successful partnership.
3D picture on computer screen Nolato MediTech-TDC


Local yet global presence

Proximity to our customers and their markets is always key for us, which is why we have more than 30 development and production units in Europe, Asia and North America.

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A broad range of services to support your business

Our services span the entire spectrum of working with, around and beyond polymer-based materials. With our corporate culture of empowering expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we support you in delivering high-quality, time-sensitive, high-precision and competitive solutions for your end users.

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Empoyee in production at Nolato MediTech

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The Nolato Spirit

Nolato believes that living by strong values is the key to good business. That is why these core values are at the heart of every decision the company makes.


Creating world-class operations

Medical Excellence is our way of creating world class operations inspired by the Nolato spirit, our strategies, quality standards and our lean processes and tools. Together, these elements create a framework for managing resources efficiently and increasing value for our customers.


Long tradition of sustainability work

Our strategy for sustainable development encompasses targets and activities within social responsibility, business ethics, financial responsibility and the environment.