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We are from Sweden

We are a part of the Nolato group with head quarters in Torekov, Skåne.

We are a solutions provider for small-sized precision mechanic, cosmetic and functional parts for leading customers within consumer electronics. In addition to advanced die-cut converting parts, we also offer premium injection-molded ceramic parts, and molded combinations of plastics and ceramics.


1968 - at Skåne, South of Sweden

Lövepac logo

  • Founded in 1968 at Skåne, South of Sweden
  • A fully owned Nolato brand
  • Focuses on diversified technology innovation and application
  • Global solution developer for small cosmetics and mechanics
  • A world-class pioneer in CIM (Cermics Injection Molding) expertise
Nolato sign and Swedish flag

SINCE 1984

Listed at NASDAQ OMX Stockholm

  • Established in 1938
  • Listed at NASDAQ OMQ Stockholm since 1984
  • 3 continents, more than 30 companies
  • System developer with leading competence of polymer molding and tooling
Nolato logo and web address

part of the nolato group

Stronger together

By being part of the Nolato group, Lövepac's customers are global, and as such, we offer the same capabilities, level of service, and quality worldwide to ensure consistent and predictable performance regardless of location.

With world-class contract manufacturing and precision mould-building locations in Europe, Asia and North America, we offer an efficient and highly-standardised manufacturing platform to allow our customers to optimise logistics, cost, and supply chain solutions. Our certified and environment controlled facilities are designed to operate interchangeably, and by maintaining manufacturing sites across the globe, we are never far from our customers.

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