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Experts in ceramics injection molding 

Our service technology includes the development of alumina and zirconia ceramic compound for injection molding and product line customization, suitable for large-scale production.


Lövepac's expertise in cosmetics and mechanics solutions

Lövepac’s Ceramics Injection Molding has a competence to transform nano ceramic powder for premium applications. It is the appropriate reflection of the integration of Nolato’s cutting edge molding and tooling technology with Lövepac's outstanding expertise in cosmetics and mechanics solutions. 
By cooperating with world-leading ceramic raw material providers as well as two world-class ceramics research institutes in Europe and Asia, we actively utilize our rich application experience, execute advanced design concepts, and achieve extreme quality standards aiming at maximizing the industrialization potentials of advanced ceramic materials by optimizing their unique properties.


We can meet your requirements

We execute full prototyping simulation process, work with customers
in the early project phase, project technical and process parameters
for the upcoming mass production, and quantify and eliminate
possible industrialization risks.

In this movie you can follow our process from start to finished

Through 16+

Craftworks manufacturing

  • CIM tooling
  • Material Purifying
  • Fine Kneading
  • Compound Pelletzing
  • Ceramics Injection Molding
  • Ultrasonic
  • Solvent Dewaxing
  • Hotwind Debinding
  • Sintering
  • Diamond Polishing
  • Computerized Numerical Control Center
  • …….
Manyfacturing ceramics KSP


Ceramics development and manufacturing center

High strength partnership with worldwide supply chain players and material research institutions, Lövepac CDMC (Ceramics Development and Manufacturing Centre) perform a full range ceramics technology and application development research, which covers from Lövepac binding system to Molding tooling design, from mechanic design guideline to industrialization feasibility study, from mold flow analysis  to Ceramics functional interaction.

Lövepac CDMC differentiates us with most product manufacturer by providing Ceramics application turn-key solutions. 

Employee in ceramic production development


ZrO2 and Al2O3 Classification research category

  • Zirconia ceramics microstructure research and analysis
  • Zirconia CIM binding system research and development
  • Main antenna radio frequency comparison test of zirconia ceramics and other materials
  • Thermal property analysis of zirconia ceramics and other materials
  • ......
Ceramic parts