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Superior cosmetic, functional and mechanical properties

Lövepac a world pioneer in Zirconia industrialization.



Superior mechanical strength - High fracture toughness

  • Nanoparticle and high density
  • Superior Mechanical strength
  • High wear resistance and durability 
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion 
  • Natural beauty 
  • Exceptional flatness and smoothness  
  • Heat insulating properties and thermal stability 
  • Good oxygen-ion conductivity  
  • Zero toxicity and best biological friendly 
Zirconia products in production



  • Medical Products
  • Smart Device (Cellphone, Wearable Device Parts)
  • Luxury (Watch, Jewelry Parts)
  • Grinding Media (Grinding Balls, Bearing Balls)
  • Molds and Tooling (Various Molds, Precision Positioning Jigs, HeatTreatment Jigs, Insulating Jigs)
  • Industrial Cutting Tools (Food Processing Cutters, Industrial Cutters)
  • Optical Connector Parts (Ferrules, Sleeves, V-Groove Jigs)
  • Mechanical Parts (Coil Springs, Leaf Springs)
Zirconia products


  • As an unique advanced ceramics, Zirconia was not announced till 1975 and appeared in the magazine Nature under the name "Ceramic Steel".
  • Being a new material, Zirconia exhibits superior cosmetically, functional and mechanical properties, These premium characteristics create endless possibilities for great applications from medical to wearable devices, from luxury goods to new energy, from daily life to consumer electronics.
  • Lövepac commits our technical and manufacturing resources as a world pioneer in Zirconia industrialization.
Man in ceramic production
Ceramic functions
Showing ceramic structure
Cosmetic products
Colors zirconia
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