Nolato financial calendar

On this page you will find all our upcoming financial events as soon as they are planned.

Important days regarding the dividend:

If the AGM decides in accordance with the board's proposal for a dividend, the following dates apply in 2024:

  • Last day including dividend is May 6.
  • Ex-dividend date is May 7.
  • The record date is May 8.
  • The pay date is May 14.


Publication of reports

The reports are normally published in the afternoon and within the time range 1.00 PM CET – 2.30 PM CET. The scheduled time for each report is stated in the calendar as soon as it is established. Usually, an analyst presentation is arranged about one hour after the report is published. Participation in the presentation can be done via web and telephone.


Subscribe to our financial calendar

If you want important Nolato financial dates to automatically show up on your personal digital calendar when they are added to the website, you can subscribe to them by clicking the Subscribe button. You can also manually add single items by clicking the ical link for that item.