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Glenn Svedberg

Glenn Svedberg

Group Sustainability Director


Creating sustainable solutions

Nolato has a long tradition of responsible business conduct and caring about people and the environment is a natural element of our work.

Nolato’s sustainable development strategy is focused on addressing challenges in the near future, while equipping ourselves to respond to future expectations and requirements. It encompasses targets and activities within social responsibility, business ethics, financial responsibility and the environment. An important aspect of the strategy is taking a systematic approach to developing resource-efficient production methods and products with a small carbon footprint.

For Nolato, sustainable development means:

Preventive measures 

Nolato should be the experts regarding the impact of our business on people, the environment and society. Risks and costs can be reduced through preventive measures, risk analysis and investments in modern technology.

Reduction of carbon emissions

The key strategic issues for Nolato are reducing the carbon footprint from raw materials, production plants and products, and preparing ourselves for the impact of climate change on the Group’s value chain.

Long-term commitment

Nolato’s commitment to sustainable development has its origins in fundamental work within health and safety and the environment. In the 1990s, Nolato was quick to introduce certified environmental management systems (ISO 14001) at its production plants.

In the 2000s, work was developed and intensified in several areas to include a clearer strategy and long-term sustainable development targets. This included sustainability work linked to the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Responsibility and transparency

Nolato complies with international guidelines, principles and standards for sustainable development, including being a signatory to the UN Global Compact. The long-term targets set out the road map for our sustainability work and our progress and setbacks are reported transparently, according to international standards for sustainability reporting. For detailed reporting read our information under Investor Relations.

New business opportunities

We generate environmental and business benefits by developing innovative own and customer products with a smaller carbon footprint.
Water footprints and heart

Strategy and targets

One of the key strategic issues for Nolato is to reduce the carbon footprint from raw materials, production plants and products, along with preparing ourselves for the impact of climate change on the value chain. Our energy and climate targets are therefore demanding with a long-term perspective. In addition to that – with the ambition to cover all material issues – we have established a number of sustainability targets and indicators. 

for sustainable development

Nolato's target support the UN's 2030 Agenda

Nolato’s sustainability targets support Agenda 2030 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

  • We are a signatory to the UN Global Compact, which aims to clarify the commitment to operating in accordance with 10 principles on human rights, labor law, the environment and anti-corruption. 
  • Nolato has linked the Group’s goals with seven of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to clarify our contribution to a more sustainable society.

 Explore more facts and details

Sustainable goals

A selection of Nolato's Sustainable targets

You can read Nolato's detailed sustainability report including all facts and details under Investor Relations.
Nolato's detailed sustainability information
More efficient energy use, and up until 2025 usage should decrease by 55% compared with average for 2011-2012.
Carbon emission
80% reduction in emission by 2025 compared with the average for 2011-2012.
Raw materials and products
The percentage of bio-based and recycled raw materials should increase.
Environmental management systems
All units to be ISO 14001-certified.
Gender equality
The proportion of women in management positions should increase at all levels.
By 2025, all strategic suppliers will be assessed according Nolato's guidelines for suppliers.

Long-term group-wide goals

Nolato has introduced long-term group-wide goals covering environmental responsibility, social responsibility and business benefits. Several of these goals are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Nolato sustainability logo build-up

Social responsibility

We care about people

The Group’s code of conduct provides guidance on issues concerning legal responsibility, accounting, conflicts of interest, working conditions, the environment, social responsibility and business ethics. The code of conduct and related policies are compiled in the Nolato Spirit booklet.

Goals on social responsibility include initiatives that contribute to a safe work environment and respect for human rights.

Explore the Nolato Spirit

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environmental responsibility

We care about nature

Climate change brings both risks and opportunities for Nolato. Boosting energy efficiency and phasing out fossil fuels is reducing the Group’s carbon footprint. These measures also create preparedness for higher fees and taxes on carbon-emitting operations. Greater use of recycled and bio-based raw materials are other initiatives that are helping reduce carbon emissions.

So environmentally sustainable product development is a priority area, in which the Group’s expertise and technology are contributing to customers’ environmental and carbon reduction efforts. 

Green leaves


We care about our customers' success

Nolato’s business principles are characterized by integrity, responsibility and good ethics – basic principles that we share with suppliers, customers and others affected by our business operations. Prevention of corruption is a high priority. The Nolato Spirit, based in part on the principles of the Global Compact, provides support for employees and reassurance when interacting with customers and other stakeholders. 

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  • We support our customers’ competitiveness and continued success with our extensive expertise and ability to offer sustainable solutions.
  • With knowledge and capabilities in sustainable solutions, expertise in polymer materials, technical support and continual development, we boost our customers’ competitiveness on their markets.
  • Nolato is a solid, reliable and innovative business partner that aims to be customers’ first choice within sustainable development.
  • In cooperation with business partners and stakeholders, we are helping with the transition to a circular economy, endeavoring to create circular flows and switching to renewable materials and energy.
  • Our strategy for sustainable development is based on Nolato’s long tradition of responsible business conduct and is an integral part of our business strategy. Sustainability reporting provides transparency in our sustainability efforts.

nolato sustainable solutions

Sustainable products

The environmental performance of Nolato’s products has become an increasingly important competitive factor. We therefore work with our customers on the goal of developing products that offer lower carbon footprint and/or contribute to a circular economy. We offer sustainable alternatives relating to raw materials, design, technologies and transportation. 
Nolato Cerbo packacking

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Informing our customers

Together, with the end-users who make demands on the products, we believe we can really make an environmental change by continuously informing our customers about better options. To make a difference, we need to share our knowledge and experience and never stop repeating our message about choosing better options.


Choosing lower-carbon alternatives

Nolato can help make adjustments to our customers design of a product to reduce its carbon footprint. Read more here.


Simulation is the key to optimization

As a company that both develops and produces products, we have the necessary know-how to produce products that push the limits of what is possible from a construction perspective, whilst still keeping them optimized for energy and cost-efficient production. Read more about how our experience makes it possible for us to combine simulation software with advanced molding simulation here.