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Reality meets fantasy

RÖtt KRÖN is a new brand of wearables – consumer electronics that are not only high quality but also high fashion. Above all, the brand showcases Nolato’s customer offering in consumer electronics.

The latest, in fact their first and only, product is a line of wireless earbuds. They sound great, with bright treble and deep bass that put you at the heart of the music. But they also look amazing. A far cry from bland white or black.

  • When you stand out but you’re definitely in. That’s Rött KRÖN.
  • Wireless earbuds that look like jewelry.That’s RÖtt KRÖN.
  • Tough bling inspired by Swedish Vikings that lets you bask in your favorite beats. That’s RÖtt KRÖN.
  • Stepping out and rocking out in style. That’s RÖtt KRÖN.

RÖtt KRÖN products

“There are a lot of products that have the potential to be more interesting,” says Dan Wong, Managing Director of Lövepac Converting, one of Nolato’s companies in Asia involved in consumer electronics. “Most are white, black or gray. Some mobiles have a little color on the back. Beautifully made, high-quality, sleek surfaces. But none of them really stand out. “So when the pandemic hit and changed things for companies, we had a think and decided to make something that shows
what’s possible. “To stand out. To be different from the rest. To make a difference. Just as our customers aim to do.”


The result was Rött Krön. A line of in-ear headphones. But Nolato’s earbuds are different from regular products on the market. They stand out from the crowd by using different materials and colors. An approach that breaks the mold. And stylish cases that also charge the earbuds.

“OK, so this technology is already available on the market,” admits Dan. “But ours aren’t white. They have exciting colors and shapes. Jewelry made from one of the hardest materials known, zirconium, sintered at 1,500 degrees and virtually unscratchable. Exceptional design that stands out and reflects your personality.

” Surfaces that use all of Nolato’s capabilities to make products stand out. Existing, proven decoration technologies. In other words, reality that feels like fantasy.

Rött Krön has started selling in China. Can you explain the product name?
“We’re incredibly proud of our Swedish heritage. We are a Swedish company in Asia, with Swedish roots in Torekov in southern Sweden. So, obviously, we wanted to have a Swedish name for the product, something different. “But we shouldn’t think we’re going to sell our earphones to consumers on a large scale, we don’t actually want to,” admits Dan Wong.

Showcasing possibilities

“That’s not why we’re doing it. This product is simply a showcase for the possibilities that Nolato offers customers. From ceramics to plastic, from mechanical to cosmetic options, and from molds to integrated electronics. We want to inspire our current and future consumer electronics customers to think a little outside the box. And to use the capabilities that exist to stand out from the crowd. To be different from the rest.

“Just as we’re trying to do now, to show our customers what’s possible.”