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TreffLab Microtubes

TreffLab offers a huge variety of CleanRoom PureĀ® microtubes for all kinds of applications such as general laboratory purposes, heat incubation, rare analytes and light sensitive probes.


TreffLab CapLock, CleanRoom Pure®

Microtubes featuring the unique Treff Double-Lock™ cap closing system to safely prevent unintentional opening of lid during incubation or storage when working with valuable or «critical» probes.



TreffLab ClickFit, CleanRoom Pure®

Microtubes for general and special purpose with increased cap opening forces for procedures including higher vapor pressure. Suited for denaturation protocols near boiling point of H2O.


Easy Fit

TreffLab EasyFit, CleanRoom Pure®

Microtubes with easy cap opening forces for general purpose to serve as sample preparation, centrifuge, assay and storage vessel.



All TreffLab Microtubes CleanRoom Pure® feature the following  characteristics:
  • 100% virgin polymer only, providing high chemical quality, no additives 
  • All color dyes are masterbatch «medical grade»
  • Microbiological controlled production in cleanrooms class 8,  ISO 14644-1
  • Free of RNase, DNase, human DNA, endotoxins, PCR inhibitors and ATP 
  • Withstand a temperature range from approx. -195°C (gas phase of  liquid nitrogen) to 121°C (autoclaving 20 minutes, 100% humidity)  according to DIN EN 285
  • Withstand centrifugal g forces up to 30'000 RCF (0.2 ml, 0.5 ml, 1.5 ml) and up to 20'000 RCF (2.0 ml)
  • Ready to Use (CleanRoom Pure®)



Additional new qualities


LoTrace® DNA quality features the following additional characteristics:
  • Low binding DNA surface
  • Analyses of surface quality for each production lot   
  • Analysis carried out by independent Swiss laboratory  accredited ISO/IEE17025 for real-time PCR 
  • CleanRoom Pure® production conditions
  • Ready for low content DNA sample preparation/ assay


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