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Our history

Nolato was founded in 1938 as Nordiska Latexfabriken i Torekov, with the acronym Nolato, which has been the company's name since 1982. Today's global Group is the result of organic growth and acquisitions.


Nordiska Latexfabriken is started in Torekov, a small town in the south of Sweden.


Göteborgs Gummibolag is acquired.


First medical device component is manufactured.


STG-plast in Lönsboda, Sweden is acquired.


The Group changes its name to Nolato, an abbreviation of the previous name. It had been used for years as a trademark and popular name.


The Malmö-based wholesaling company Texan is acquired. The company’s shares are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s OTC list.


The packaging manufacturer Lövepac in Skånes Fagerhult and the plastic company Gejde in Lomma outside Malmö are acquired.


Sunnex AB, Sunnex Gummifabrik in Sunne, and Silikonteknik in Hallsberg are acquired. Group sales double to more than SEK 400 million.


The first company in the Group is ISO 9000 certified.


Plast-Teknik, with operations in Gothenburg and Ängelholm, is acquired. Sales have now risen to more than SEK 650 million.


Introduction of a common brand: All subsidiaries begin to use the Nolato name. Texan is divested.


Ericsson’s plastic plant in Kristianstad is acquired. The acquisition doubles Group sales to more than SEK 1.5 billion. Medical technology production at Nolato Polymer is incorporated as a separate company, Nolato Medevo. Manufacturing is established in Norrköping to meet increasing Ericsson production volume.


The Kristianstad plant is divided into three companies: Nolato Mobile, Nolato Alpha and Nolato Autec. The first major unit outside Sweden is established: a plant for mobile telephone components in Fort Worth, Texas. The first company is ISO 14001 certified. The Group is divided into five customer-oriented business areas: Mobile Communication, Industrial Components, Medical Components, Automotive Components and Branded Products.


Nolato established a mobile telephone components plant in Estonia, Nolato Tallinn.


Shieldmate Robotics in Chicago, Illinois; Gotaplast in Götene, Sweden; and Protec in western Hungary are acquired. Electrolux’s plastics production for vacuum cleaners in Hungary is taken over and incorporated under the name Nolato Jász. Nolato Gejde is split into one part for mobile telephones – Nolato Mobitec, and one part for medical technology – Nolato Gejde. The production unit in Norrköping closes. Operations at Nolato Autec close and operations at Automotive Components are transferred to Industrial Components.


A manufacturing unit in China, Nolato Beijing, is established. Nolato Texas and Nolato Mobitec are discontinued. Nolato Shieldmate is closed. Nolato Sunnex Equipment is divested.


Nolato Elastoteknik is divested and the Branded Products business area ceases operations. Hungarian operations become a separate region at Industrial Solutions Components. A new Nolato Jász factory goes into service. Nolato Gejde and Nolato Medevo merge under the name Nolato Medevo. Nolato Polymer and Nolato Termoform merge under the name Nolato Polymer. Nolato Mobile and Nolato Alpha merge under the name Nolato Alpha.


The business areas are renamed to better reflect the business focus: Nolato Telecom, Nolato Industrial Sweden, Nolato Industrial Central Europe and Nolato Medical. Nolato Jász is closed and its operations are transferred to Nolato Protec.


The Nolato share is included in the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s list of especially attractive shares, Attract 40. Acquisition of medical technology operations for Astra Tech from Bergman & Beving. Strong expansion for Nolato Telecom in China.


Nolato Telecom establishes a new production unit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and a sales/technical support office in Tokyo, Japan. Continued expansion in China and restructuring in Europe. Nolato Silikonteknik sets up a shielding manufacturing unit at Nolato Tallinn in Estonia. Nolato Medical sets up production of medical devices at Nolato Protec in Hungary.


Medical Rubber, a leading specialist in the molding of silicone rubber for customers in medical technology, is acquired.


Cerbo Trollhättan, a leading producer of polymer primary packaging for pharmaceuticals, is acquired. Nolato Lövepac starts production also in southern China: Shenzhen. The two industrial business areas, Nolato Industrial Sweden and Nolato Industrial Central Europe, merges to Nolato Industrial.


Nolato Medical starts production in Beijing, China. Nolato Kuala Lumpur is closed down at end of year.


Nolato Alpha concentrates the production to Kristianstad and the unit in Lönsboda closes. Nolato Hertila merges with Nolato Polymer. Nolato Cerbo gets certified according to ISO 15378.


Nolato Medevo and Nolato Medical Rubber merges under the name Nolato MediTech. Lovepac Converting establishes production in Chennai, India. Contour Plastics Inc., Baldwin, WI, is acquired. The name is changed to Nolato Contour.


Nolato MediTor is created as a niche company for extrusion and dipping. Nolato Alpha is closed down. Nolato Hungary starts production in Romania.


Nolato Hertila goes back being a separate company. The British pharma packaging company Cope Allman Jaycare is acquired and renamed Nolato Jaycare.


Nolato Sunne is sold.


Nolato expands in China and Hungary. Nolato Telecom established its own EMC-production in Malaysia.


Continued expansion to secure resources for future growth in China, Hungary and Sweden.


Grizzly Medical in Stargard, Poland, is acquired and named Nolato Stargard. The Swiss company Treff is acquired and named Nolato Treff.


The business' areas names are changed to Medical Solutions, Integrated Solutions and Industrial Solutions to strengthen the strategic move from being a skilled manufacturer of components to customer specification to being a hi-tech, solutions-oriented partner for our customers.


Nolato Hertila is acquired by Essentra plc.


The Nolato share is moved from Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap segment to Large Cap. Ja-Bar Silicone Corporation, New Jersey, USA, is acquired by Nolato and named Nolato Jabar.


Nolato acquires the US based company GW Plastics. The acquisition provides significant volumes and a strong position in North America for the Medical Solutions business area, offering additional opportunities for growth and underpinning existing core customer relationships.


Nolato acquires P & P Technology Ltd, Maldon, UK, named Nolato PPT and Verktygsfirman Be-Må AB, Värnamo, SE, named Be-Må Molds.