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Youth advancement

Nolato is committed to the development of our associates and local youth, many of whom will be tomorrow’s leaders of our organization. We have created a comprehensive training program to address the national skilled labor shortage and help those pursuing further education.




Paid internships


High school development




Seasonal opportunities


Paid apprenticeship program - Nolato GW

Nolato GW’s apprentice program is our way of building the talent of tomorrow today, with training and expertise handed down one-on-one from experienced professionals. Nolato GW is proud to offer 18-month technical apprenticeships in injection molding and automation, and lengthier apprenticeships in our Royalton, VT Mold Division. Our program is open to both existing employees as well as new team members, and those interested in developing their skills in a more technical capacity are encouraged to apply. Upon program completion, apprentices are hired as Process Technicians or other relevant positions where they can grow within our organization.

Registered apprenticeship programs at WITC - Nolato Contour

Nolato Contour works one-on-one with Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College to provide paid apprenticeship opportunities for employees interested in becoming Registered Apprentices. When employees are a part of the Registered Apprenticeship program, they not only receive classroom training, but on-the-job training as well as full tuition reimbursement. At the end of the program, employees will be certified as a Registered Apprentice by the state of Wisconsin.

YA (Youth Apprenticeship) programs - Nolato Contour

Nolato Contour offers Youth Apprenticeship opportunities for High School Students in the surrounding area school districts. We provide flexible, paid work for those students interested in gaining further knowledge in manufacturing. Once they have met all work requirements by the end of the program, employees will be certified as a Registered Youth Apprentice by the state of Wisconsin.

Internships – Nolato GW

Every summer, Nolato GW offers a comprehensive internship program to local technical students. Based in our Bethel, VT headquarters or nearby Royalton, VT Manufacturing & Technology Campus, students participate in a rigorous 12-week program that exposes them to all of the various engineering disciplines in the organization. Our internship program was built to provide students with an outlet to obtain employable skills that will prepare them for their world after graduation. Every intern is assigned a project that they develop throughout the program, culminating in project presentations to the senior management group at the program graduation. Interns graduate from the program with tangible results that will help jump-start their careers.

Internships - Nolato Contour

Nolato Contour offers a variety of internships and co-ops for college students. These paid internships and co-ops will provide students with hands on experience, working directly with departments that they are interested in pursuing a career in.  Past interns have been provided with learning opportunities in Quality Engineering, Metrology, Process Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Project Engineering.  These hands-on experiences provide exposure to all aspects of the operations and in many cases direct contact with Nolato customers.  Our conversion rate from the internship opportunities to full time employment is significant.  The internships we offer are unique and highly sought after.

School of Tech - Nolato GW

In response to a growing national skilled labor shortage, Nolato GW has launched a School of Tech that exposes local high school students to the world of advanced manufacturing through a semester-long, for-credit course. Local students are bused to our state-of-the-art facilities three times each week and taught by our tooling, automation, and molding professionals. The class begins with basic business and manufacturing practices before progressing through the entire manufacturing process, including material selection, pricing, mold design and manufacture, injection molding, and quality.

Our program includes actual interaction with advanced technologies instead of just classroom instruction. Students also visit a local hospital to see our products used by healthcare professionals and learn about the ramifications of a device not being manufactured to the highest quality. The School of Tech has grown in popularity each semester, and our most recent class took the program a step further by designing, manufacturing, and selling a product at their school. This real-life process helps the students understand everything from concept through production, including the satisfaction of bringing a product to market.

Funding bright futures for Vermonters - Nolato GW

In partnership with Vermont Technical College, we are proud to offer generous scholarship/internship packages to students pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology, including a paid summer internship at our Bethel, VT headquarters. By utilizing this dual program, it is possible for students to completely cover the tuition cost of their degree. Not only are we helping to pay for their education, but we are also providing students with real-life work experiences, resulting in a job upon graduation. For students who may not have thought college and a rewarding career path were financially attainable, this can be life-changing.

Scholarships donated to UW Stout for technical resources - Nolato Contour

Nolato Contour provides an annual scholarship opportunity to first or second year UW Stout Plastic Engineering students.  The intention of this scholarship is to promote focus on the region’s exceptional opportunities in the field of plastics engineering.  

Looking for short-term career development in between your studies?

Whether you are a student on winter break from college, or a high school student on summer break, Nolato Contour and Nolato GW offers paid seasonal job opportunities for those students interested in picking up work during their school’s seasonal breaks.


To learn more or apply to our youth advancement programs please contact the Human Recourse department for Nolato GW and/or Nolato Contour.
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Nolato GWs School of Tech

Nolato GW is investing in the future of local high school students, with a career development program like no other.

School of Tech Graduates

Nolato GW are proud to announce that our first year of “School of Tech” students has graduated.

Second School of Tech

Nolato GW celebrates the graduation of their second “School of Tech” class and they are proud to announce the steady growth of the program.