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Compatherm® Thermal Paste

In the world of electronics and mechanical engineering, managing heat effectively is crucial for reliability and performance. 

Compatherm Paste, a thermally conductive paste, provides thermal conductivity, bridging the gap between components and cooling solutions to ensure devices operate within safe temperature limits.


The Significance of Thermal Paste Conductivity

Falling into the thin-bond-line category of Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs), it is engineered to form the thinnest possible film between the heat source and the heat sink. This minimal thermal resistance is key to its effectiveness. The high thermal conductivity of the paste ensures efficient heat dissipation, crucial for maintaining the integrity and longevity of electronic components.

Compatherm Paste logo

Compatherm Paste product

Compatherm® Thermal Paste Benefits

Thermal paste with high performance and ultra-thin bond line

Maximizes heat dissipation with minimal thermal resistance, leveraging an ultra-thin bond line for superior thermal management in high-power devices.

Precision bond lines down to tenths of microns

Enables exceptionally thin bond lines, down to tenths of microns, for precise thermal control in densely packed electronic configurations.

Versatile dispensability and printability

Facilitates easy application via dispensing or silk/stencil screen printing, ensuring consistent, high-quality thermal interface across various manufacturing processes.

Stable composition without dry-out

Maintains consistent thermal conductivity and performance over time, with a stable composition that resists drying out, ensuring long-term reliability.
Cmpatherm paste logo
compatherm® paste material matrix & datasheets
Test standard Unit 9532 9543
Base matrix Silicone
Thermally conductive filler
Ceramic Ceramic, AI
Color Visual White  Grey
Thermal Conductivity ISO 22007-2 mod W/(m-K) 2.5  4.3
Viscosity Brookfield 10rpm cP
110 000  250 000
Density ASTM D792 g/cm^3
2.68  2.3
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage ASTM D149 VAC/mm
4000  400
Volatile Content ASTM E595 (mod.) %
0.3  0.3

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