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Careers in Poland

Poland is an attractive location for foreign companies as it links the north, south, east and west of the Eurasian continent. The international environment allows employees to enjoy a multicultural experience and provides wide-ranging opportunities, no matter where you’re from. 


Nolato - a friendly place to work, offering secure employment

We believe that the success of a company is created by its employees, who are its most valuable asset. That’s why we make every effort to create a team that will help us achieve this success. When you come to work at Nolato in Poland, you can be sure you’re joining a dependable employer. Find out how you can join us and why you should.
Nolato Stargard - employee in production
Nolato Stargard - employee in production
Nolato Stargard - employee in production


Piotr Soroka-senior technician

My involvement with Nolato Stargard started when I was a high-school student. Two employees from Nolato Stargard' visited one of our technical design lessons and presented the company as the ideal company for the development of young, creative technicians. I wondered whether I would meet the company's standards without professional experience, but I had nothing to worry about. The company supported me and provided training courses so I could become a fully qualified technician.

Today, after working at the company for five years, I know I made a great decision in choosing a job that brings me real satisfaction every day. Nolato has provided me not only with employment, but also with professional development, a close-knit group of colleagues and many friends.
Piotr Soroka Nolato Stargard


Why you should join us?

Permanent employment

Our company is a place for people looking for a permanent job. We offer permanent employment in Stargard at a facility that produces medical devices in clean room conditions.

Attendance awards

We recognize the dedication and commitment of our employees, and offer additional rewards for exemplary attendance.

Free unlimited beverages

Vending machines and dispensers are located around the company’s premises, offering sparkling and still water, various types of coffee, tea, borscht and hot chocolate.

Flu vaccinations

The company provides annual flu vaccinations for all workers (on a voluntary basis).

Company events

The atmosphere at work is of particular importance to us, and we organize events such as picnics for our employees and their families. We also arrange Christmas Eve get-togethers and spa trips, as well as outings such as mushroom picking.

Holiday subsidy

As part of the Company Social Benefits Fund, we support employees during their holidays, the ‘self-arranged countryside holiday’.

Group life insurance

The company offers employees, along with their spouses, partners and adult children, the opportunity to take out group life insurance.
Nolato Lövepac - employees in office

Our company in Poland


HR Sweden picto
Nolato Stargard

Human Resources

Ready to take the first step?
Your Nolato journey starts here

Our recruitment process







You can find our open positions here and on the following websites:,, If we are not currently recruiting, you can send us a general application.

  1. by e-mail: [email protected];
  2. or to the following address: Nolato Stargard Sp. z o.o. ul. Usługowa 1, 73-110 Stargard
  3. 3. or you can deliver it direct to the company's headquarters.

Please indicate the preferred type of work in your application.



From the resumes sent to us, we select those that best meet the requirements of the job advertisement.


We always contact selected candidates by phone. The aim of the phone interview is to find out the candidate's expectations. If they match what we are looking for, we invite them to an initial interview at our headquarters.


The purpose of the interview is to get to know candidates better, their reasons for applying and their career aspirations.

Additional recruitment stages

In addition to the interview, other stages of recruitment may include the following:
  • knowledge test
  • English-language test
  • tasks that test the candidate's skills

Interview with prospective manager

Selected candidates are recommended for a meeting with their immediate supervisor.